Heiko Windisch – a Dreamer

When I saw Heiko‘s works for the first time I couldn’t decide whether to pub­lish them here or not. After some time, I’ve real­ized that I was just play­ing too ser­i­ous and as a con­sequence I was search­ing for ser­i­ous look­ing stuff too. And then there was Heiko who man­aged to knock down this pre­ju­dice. It even made me smile a little bit: it was a smile of a kid who is thumb­ing through his favor­ite book.

Put off that absurd snob mask of yours finally, make your­self com­fort­able, make a cup of cacao, turn off that drumm’n’bass or whatever you’re listen­ing to at the moment and put on some­thing more mel­an­cholic. Feel the cosi­ness of that child­hood world when your par­ents some­times used to leave you at home alone for one night. These illus­tra­tions are per­fect for an even­ing like this. View them with a kid’s smile while snug­gling with your sweet­heart and you’ll prob­ably remin­isce some­thing beau­ti­ful from your child­hood. I myself soon recalled books which were the most pre­cious to me as a kid.

So, be more natural.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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