The value of Theo Jansen‘s world

The man I would like to write about has mes­mer­ized me a few years ago and still makes me fol­low his pro­gress. It is pos­sible that you’ve already come across the work of this so called Da Vinci of these days on the Internet. His art­works have been mul­tiply­ing in there, as they are really unique. A few years ago I didn’t have this pos­sib­il­ity but now I’m pleased to intro­duce Theo Jansen.

I don’t like writ­ing bio­graph­ies, so I’ll just put it briefly: Theo used to study phys­ics but then he dis­covered him­self in draw­ing and left the uni­ver­sity. I won’t be talk­ing about his early art­works either. I was sud­denly cap­tiv­ated by his unique way to see the world around us and to per­ceive motion as a phe­nomenon. What I admire most is that when it seems that a cer­tain prob­lem doesn’t have any other res­ol­u­tion, someone appears and makes you con­ceive it in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent way. Theo is exactly that type of per­son who cre­ated an altern­at­ive for such an old and com­mon arti­fact as a wheel and simply asked “Why not?”

Another mar­velous thing is that the mean­ing of his kin­etic creatures is more aes­thetic and philo­soph­ical than sci­entific or fin­an­cial (actu­ally, I can­not be cer­tain, there­fore, I leave it to decide for those who’re more con­cerned about this). For cen­tur­ies land trans­port was con­fined to cir­cu­lar frame. But if we move on our own feet why human came up with an idea to move things with a help of wheel? It’s under­stand­able as a circle is a prim­it­ive fig­ure and it might be made without much effort there’s no won­der that pre­his­toric human gladly accep­ted it. On the other hand, this proves that before men­tioned pre­his­toric human indeed had a dif­fer­ent per­cep­tion and a flex­ible mind since every­one else around prob­ably ima­gined that the trans­port of the future will be based on walk­ing and on everything what they see in motion around.

This art is both social and philo­soph­ical that’s why it’s so charm­ing. When I see Theo’s creatures grace­fully passing windy sands I start believ­ing that this artist and the man upstairs are some­how con­nec­ted in a par­tic­u­lar way. Even though, one of them changed the world more than another, nowadays we seek to leap from our daily wheels to air glid­ing. While an ordin­ary man believes that everything is already inven­ted, that all chords are dis­covered and that all tech­no­lo­gies are pro­jec­ted hun­dreds of years ahead, Theo simply turns away from the so called pro­gress and closes up in his own world.

I will cre­ate my own labor­at­ory for sand creatures on the top of this moun­tain” that’s what Theo said when he star­ted his pro­ject in Ypenburg.

Kinetic sculptor – that’s how he names him­self. Theo also claims that his art­works are liv­ing creatures. This might be true, since we are all pushed by nat­ural forces and his “Sabulosa” (a sand fly) or “Animaris Rhinoceros” (a rhino­ceros) that instantly become in motion with the help of the wind. These wights might even be con­scious as they already dis­tin­guish land from the sea. And where’s land, there they can slowly move while wind nur­tures them. Could this be a gen­er­a­tion of arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence? But again, these ques­tions are philo­soph­ical. Each sci­ent­ist could eas­ily come up with a contradiction.

I could med­it­ate and med­it­ate on this mat­ter. Even though oth­ers may find it worth­less but that magical never end­ing leg motion, as well as the wheel, hyp­not­izes and like a fresh whiff of air gives a very pleas­ant feel­ing. For this reason, I find Theo Jansen’s inven­tion truly meaningful.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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