Poked Studio. Somebody Call the Doctor!

For this morn­ing, you should bet your­self ready for bright con­trasts and adven­tur­ous smiles. As some­body said about this com­pany named Poked Studio, — ‘Your eyes will start to bleed! In a good sense.’ Unhealthy (also in a good sense) mix of anime and Super Mario Bros tem­por­ar­ily car­ries us a world of bright car­a­mel like col­ors and creepily cute characters.

This crazy stu­dio is resid­ing in an island called Great Britain and they are engaged in a lot of stuff: from graphic, web and logo design to book­lets and such. Poked Studio is another example of our new gen­er­a­tion which grew up play­ing video games. Every work is like new level in a video game. Influence form such 8-​bit or 16-​bit games as PACMAN or Mario is very clear. Personally when I’m look­ing at these works, I start to hear min­imal soundtrack of these games. Oh, those sentiments.

Of course, this is not the only stu­dio doing this kind of illus­tra­tion. Mushrooms, big eyes, bright col­ors, min­imal and at the same time express­ive char­ac­ters are very pop­u­lar nowadays. But I feel only joy, see­ing char­ac­ters that lived in 64×64 pixels square, resur­rec­ted in qual­ity, full color and vari­ous inter­pret­a­tions. I also notice a trend of this kind of style in the streets. It looks like street art caught this cheer­ful infec­tion as well.

More works here.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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