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Once more we have to face con­ser­vat­ive United Kingdom and wacky Britons. Just Cyriak (yes, that’s a person’s name) is fam­ous for his weird but appeal­ing humor and unique sense of the world. In some places he’s bet­ter known as Mutated Monty (his works are really sim­ilar to Monty Python anim­a­tion). Mutants, space, ali­ens, cows, destruc­tion, deform­a­tion, trans­form­a­tion, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II and other not­ab­il­it­ies jumble in animator’s head (or sub­con­scious­ness, or hell knows where) and turn into a psy­che­delic cock­tail with a cherry of lun­acy for a pleas­ure or dis­gust. And again I wouldn’t be myself at all if I wouldn’t provide you with a delight to see this.

Those who are inter­ested in freaky yet artistic inter­net humor and spend more time surf­ing the Internet than sleep­ing, prob­ably saw at least one work of this anim­ator. Once I was also aston­ished as I heard that most of the so called “gif” anim­a­tions I’ve seen and admired belong to a single per­son. Later on I real­ized I was just blind not noti­cing this at first sight.

Illustration and com­ics make a smal­ler part of Cyriak’s artistic work. From now on I’ll share some draw­ings of his with you and later I’ll present Cyriak’s anim­a­tion which made him famous.

The main fig­ures of the com­ics are ante­cedents con­sidered by Great Britain, TV stars, politi­cians and other per­sons usu­ally seen on magazine cov­ers or news­pa­pers’ cov­er­age. This is like a rebel of the young British gen­er­a­tion against the con­ser­vat­ive 1960s think­ing which is typ­ical to their par­ents and grand­par­ents. As 1960s are gone, those per­sons are per­ceived as old and tooth­less and that’s why they’re seen as quite hilarious.

In fact, this war of gen­er­a­tions ceased to exist a long time ago, just after 60s when British con­ser­vat­ism star­ted to be a laugh­ing­stock for the young. What we see now may be com­pared to the last dance on almost rot­ten bones. It’s kind of creepy when you start ima­gin­ing what’s next. Even today I often get con­fused whether to laugh or not after see­ing some­thing new from the royal island. However, I love the fact that it is able to twist my mind every time.

Another field which Cyriak kicks is pop cul­ture and all celebrit­ies. On the other hand, the Internet also no longer belongs to the under­ground as it used to some time ago. Cyriak him­self was already presen­ted by BBC as one more tal­ent dis­covered on the Internet and he also worked with Coca-Cola’s advertisements.

More works may be found here and here.

Something sim­ilar.

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