Loud Mouth Alessandro Gottardo

This time Art Pit presents you a shout­ing Italian artist and illus­trator. After his works caught my atten­tion I imme­di­ately real­ized that he is one of my favor­ites from now on. Unique retro motives in almost every pic­ture of A. Gottardo def­in­itely appealed to me. Muddy pas­tel col­ours and imit­a­tion of spoil­ages – everything seems so warm and pleas­ant that it brings some sort of nos­tal­gic feelings.

Pseudonym “Shout” was cre­ated when he left one unnam­able com­pany which was known for suf­foc­at­ing cre­ativ­ity. So, after leav­ing his boss A. Gottardo shouted out loud and his voice was heard glob­ally. Now he works with such giants as The New York Times, The Guardian or Penguin Books.

Gottardo’s book cov­ers remind posters and past century’s book lay out tend­en­cies. What’s more, min­imal use of col­ours in wide areas is espe­cially effective.

To put it briefly, Alessandro’s works are def­in­itely mas­ter­ful. They give you a strange feel­ing of both dis­may and serenity but at the same time leave a huge impression.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
Aleksandr Pasevin is Art Pit’s strategist and designer, responsible for organization’s creative solutions. Aleksandr is also actively interested in new technologies, their connection with creativity and usage in cultural organizations. Aleksandr dislikes long discussions and considerations, and he mostly expresses his opinion quickly about whet... Read further >
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