Saulius Krusna, who is Rorkas and how is he related to comics?

After see­ing Rorkas works for the first time, I instantly mem­or­ized him. A unique style dis­tin­guished him from other Lithuanians and even from most of the for­eign illus­trat­ors I knew. His draw­ings strongly remind styl­ist­ics of old school com­ics. Black and white pic­tures appear to be like extracts from some kind of stor­ies which only exist in the artist’s mind. Wavy lively lines cre­ate an impel­lent image which either sharpens or dis­guises some details. Even black back­ground is not simply black, after peer­ing into it for some time you see its depth and space.

I would like to wish Saulius good luck, I hope that his dreams will soon come true and I would like to be the first one to find his per­sonal comic book in a bookstore.

As usual, I asked Rorkas to describe himself.

Umm, describ­ing myself? Even I don’t know myself quite well and telling this to you is a dif­fi­cult task. My name is Saulius, I’m mar­ried, I’ll soon be a dad, I know what it means when dreams come true (it was back then when my work was everything for me), I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alco­hol, I tend to lie, I’m also self-​ironic, vul­gar, annoy­ing and I cur­rently take an import­ant pos­i­tion of unem­ployed. And finally, one import­ant fact: my shoe size is 42.

How your cur­rent draw­ing style was formed?

It was due to lazi­ness and the lack of space. This tech­nique doesn’t require much space in the house. It’s par­tic­u­larly con­veni­ent when in you live in a tiny box.

Could you reveal the mean­ing of Rorkas pseudonym?

Are you really curi­ous? Three years ago and only for fun I’ve decided to try using one art site which was notori­ous in Lithuania and gen­er­ally dis­liked by artists – Deviantart​.com. I had to come up with a nick­name when I was filling a regis­tra­tion form. The first thing that came into my mind was the name of one com­ics char­ac­ter I admired. And this is it. I’d love to be called by my real name but I have no other choice now, cha cha…

It’s not dif­fi­cult to notice that your works quite often include social meta­phors. How the Internet soci­ety and other sur­round­ing things affect your art?

I’m not nat­ur­ally a sociopath, maybe it’s only another form of arrog­ance which I some­times express in my sketches. After all, draw­ing is also a form of ther­apy. A ther­apy for me and envir­on­ment. It’s a pity that I am not able to affect this envir­on­ment by using my fists so I just leave my com­ments for a sheet of paper.

I am aware that you are very much into com­ics and together with other authors you’ve con­trib­uted in cre­at­ing the first com­ics in Lithuania — Musiukas Flukas (Flukas the fly). What inspired you to get into this genre? Maybe you are devel­op­ing some new inter­est­ing projects?

Comics is a pas­sion of my life. I don’t know why. It was due to the cir­cum­stances or maybe love for PICTURES was simply encoded in genes. Flukas is only a small moment which I don’t tend to place between my other achieve­ments. Long time ago, when we only had para­graphs in news­pa­pers instead of the Internet, I’ve pub­lished my own paper comics.

You can find out more about my work as a pub­lisher here.

My plans? These are rather dreams. And it’s not appro­pri­ate to speak about dreams out loud.

Your graphic works often include vari­ous mys­tique creatures as well as women. Why did you choose these top­ics? What kind of emo­tions and ideas they rep­res­ent while being a part of Rorkas’ pictures?

I don’t choose top­ics, they simply come to me. I don’t know what will be cre­ated when I take a sheet of paper. Inspirations often come from pho­to­graphs, musical pieces, remin­is­cence or dreams. When I draw, I try not to think about any­thing, espe­cially about the final res­ult. Why should I be troubled by terms or defin­i­tions for­mu­lated by someone I don’t know? I’m not cer­tain whether these creatures and women exist­ing in my sub­con­scious­ness are a res­ult of some break­down in my soul. It’s up to you to decide, dear view­ers of my small works.

Which artist left the biggest impres­sion to you? Perhaps there is someone whose works inspired you so strongly that it con­trib­uted in shap­ing your cur­rent draw­ing style?

I’m not inter­ested in arts, I don’t fol­low recent trends. I fre­quently don’t remem­ber names. Flow of visual inform­a­tion is enorm­ous nowadays, there­fore, remem­ber­ing all names, nick­names or pseud­onyms are too com­plic­ated. I like black and white graph­ics as well as an illus­tra­tion though. Still, I admire those artists who have mastered their col­our skills, elec­tronic art etc. I could put down these names to my sources of inspir­a­tion: Moebius, Andreas, Hippolyte, Thomas Ott, Alberto Breccia, Alex Raymond, Lorenzo Mattotti, Bernie Wrightson, Jeffrey Jones.

What is the thick­ness of your rapidograph? :)

My favour­ite is 0,35mm thick iso­graph from ROTRING. Sometimes it may be 0,25mm.

More of Rorkas’ art may be found here.

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