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I remembered another atten­tion worthy phe­nomenon. In fact, it’s pho­to­graphy tech­nique. To be more spe­cific – Ben Thomas and his pro­ject “CityShrinker”. You prob­ably already noticed that some­thing in this photo is off. It looks like everything is real, but in sorts of diorama pro­por­tions. Maybe to the major­ity of you this is noth­ing new, but I am not going to explain how to achieve this kind of effect or ana­lyze it in depth. Just thought that if I enjoy see­ing this kind of stuff time to time, maybe you will too.

My goal is, with every shot, to provide that feel­ing of some­thing new. My method: take some­thing big and reduce it to the size of the model. Take some­thing obvi­ous and make you think for a second : “wait a minute, isn’t this…”- Ben Thomas

Born in 1981 in Australia this pho­to­grapher has gradu­ated from “International Design Effects and Animation School” and only later in his life he took pho­to­graphy more ser­i­ously. Lately, B. Thomas moved to Melbourne where he con­tin­ues to change people’s approach towards ordin­ary things.

In short: this mini­ature effect can be achieved by pho­to­graph­ing big com­pos­i­tion with as many details as you can put in it. Afterwards, all you have to do is leave focus as it is in some places and remove focus from other places. For this kind of effect, of course, you can use spe­cial “tilt-​shift” tech­nique which allows flex­ibly change focus points by tilt­ing every lens of photo cam­era sep­ar­ately from other ones. But this is achieved much easier and faster using simplest Photoshop func­tions and your brain.

More about CityShrinker pro­ject.

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