Linda Zacks – Energetic, Vibrant, Colourful

Ultimately, finally, at last, I have some­thing I can write about with joy again. The fur­ther we go the harder it gets to find some­thing that really catches the eye and makes you pleas­antly tingle inside with a thought “…this is amaz­ing, I should really write about it…”. After view­ing her works, I thought that she is one of those authors who make work which would “stick” to any other of her works. They all are like cut-​outs of one big pic­ture made by Linda Zacks.

In the begin­ning when I said illus­trator I was inac­cur­ate. L. Zacks is very rare case, when artist and designer lives in one per­son and in har­mony. All of us are used to think­ing that an artist would cut throat to any designer he would meet, given that an artist wouldn’t be drunk or deeply into depres­sion. And I will keep clear from men­tion­ing designer’s stereotype.

Well, not to devi­ate from a sub­ject. L. Zacks is the real artist. After view­ing a bunch of her works, I star­ted to feel the cre­at­ive rhythm and energy. Be it “eBay” or “Sony” ad cam­paign, it screams “I’m part of Linda Zacks”.

Energetic range of col­ors match del­ic­ately not only in its expressiv­ity but also in being on the mar­gin. Paint splashes oh power hide behind them del­ic­ate detail of every square cen­ti­meter. However, most works doesn’t have defin­it­ive frame, which would tell that one can’t come over it, this is place for another work. Every work is pro­voc­at­ive and, as I said before, expressive.

What else can I say, day passed really nicely. Be sure to visit L. Zack’s web­site.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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