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Well, this time I remembered small group of people who is really worthy the atten­tion. Under the syn­thetic name of Pleix which doesn’t mean any­thing, these people cover very large area of so-​called media: from 2D, 3D graphic to the cine­ma­to­graphy and music. You would think that it is some huge design com­pany, but everything is much easier.

After this video clip, you prob­ably are not indif­fer­ent. Either you liked it or you didn’t under­stand what did just hap­pen, but the spe­cial feel­ing is already dom­in­at­ing you. This is magic of Pleix.

But who are they? It is rather small group of 7 people resid­ing in Paris: Genevieve Gaukler (graphic art dir­ector) Jean-​Philippe Deslandes (music) /​Erwin Charrier (3D) /​Olivier Lipski (graphic) /​Michel Metenier (3D) /​Eric Augier (effects) /​Laetitia Rouxel (consultant).

In 2001, prior to the found­ing of Pleix, most mem­bers belonged to “Kuntzel&Deygas” and were well known to each other which con­trib­uted a great deal to their cre­at­ive work. The name Pleix, as I have noted before, has no real mean­ing. Members them­selves explain it in some­what “designer” terms – they liked graphic look of let­ters in the word. Thought it could be one of those situ­ations where some joke becomes name and then there is no way back. But in this case it turned out OK (just as with Kodak). In the end, the people estab­lished the name, not vice versa.

Main reason behind the suc­cess of Pleix is, as it is in any other group, that every mem­ber does some­thing that he really is pas­sion­ate about. Each per­son with his or hers tal­ent com­pli­ments each other rather than com­pete. The main theme of Pleix, if you haven’t noticed yet, is cri­tiquing and mak­ing fun of con­sumer driven cul­ture. Almost all works are filled with postmodernism.

After this intro­duc­tion, I encour­age you to visit simple, but really valu­able Pleix page and to extend acquaint­ance with them.


Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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