Roads and Sideways of Yuko Shimizu

I peri­od­ic­ally find works of this illus­trator in depths of the inter­net, so I decided to look closer and share them with you. With Yuko Shimizu I instantly felt the atmo­sphere, sym­bols and even color schemes which are typ­ical to con­tem­por­ary Japan illus­trat­ors. I was mis­taken only about one thing.

Yuko found most of her cre­at­ive free­dom and inspir­a­tion in USA. When she came back to Japan in 80’s she couldn’t adapt to “their” cul­ture. Now she lives in USA, keeps receiv­ing awards again and again, and, as she says, is not miss­ing her home­land at all.

After search­ing for the answer to the ques­tion why her work is so much “Japanese-​like”, even though she doesn’t feel very good there, I found a straight and simple answer. Yuko was draw­ing since she could hold a crayon in her hand. This is when the exclus­ive man­ner and region-​specific ways of expres­sion of the Eastern world have shaped her style. The artist has been try­ing to deny this influ­ence in her artistic explor­a­tions many times, she has tried other styles, but finally she has settled with it and says that since then cre­at­ive pro­cess itself became more pleasant.

Yuko makes a liv­ing from never end­ing com­mis­sions and some­times she gives lec­tures for future artists. While grow­ing up in tra­di­tional Japanese fam­ily, she did not dare to join the stud­ies of art, so she chose the com­prom­ise and star­ted study­ing mar­ket­ing and advert­ising in the University of Waseda. After that she got into a reg­u­lar and bor­ing job in one of the Tokyo com­pan­ies, which she found very unpleas­ant. It took her another ten years to drop everything and come to USA to study illustration.

I think such per­son is a per­fect inspir­a­tion and example for young people, just like you, who have just recently star­ted their life quests.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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