Sean Chao. Not a Bad Start. We Will See What Happens Next

I peri­od­ic­ally browse my favor­ite for­eign sites, in which almost every day you can find some brand new star of the art world. I imme­di­ately would like to break away from the big word of art, and call this freshly dis­covered and so little rep­res­en­ted per­son an illustrator.

Just like recently intro­duced Yuko Shimizu, Sean Chao could not find oppor­tun­it­ies in his home­land to open up and real­ise him­self and his cre­at­ive side. In 2000 he left Taipei, Taiwan, and went to Los Angeles to seek his fate. There he fin­ished school and became an illustrator.

Main tools of an author: acrylic paint, pen­cil and gou­ache. Topics vary but the best works, in my opin­ion, are the ones which are related to over­tones of global warm­ing and sim­ilar kind of problems.

Since he is just a recently dis­covered illus­trator who hasn’t got a big bag­gage of work, I have noth­ing more to add too. The only thing I know is that we will prob­ably hear more from him in the future.

So I have done my duty and I hope this wasn’t a waste of time for you.

Page of Sean Chao here.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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