Lisa Congdon and her hand-​crafted warmness

During one of the exped­i­tions to the wide open spaces of the inter­net, a col­lage was spot­ted. My eyes were scep­tic, in a way bored to be intrigued by all kinds of high-​standard con­cep­tu­al­ism. So, I star­ted to look for pure and simple, but attract­ive sim­pli­city. And then I found Lisa Congdom. Her col­lage was unpre­ten­tiously noticed and became a rest­ing place dur­ing my journey.

From frag­ments and specks of dust, I got to know some things about the author. Lisa Congdon lives in San Francisco, USA; she used to be a teacher, but now works in a stu­dio together with other artists. The author became inter­ested in art by chance in her thirties, although she hadn‘t drawn any­thing pre­vi­ously. But sud­den enlight­en­ment some­times occur, right? Precisely, due to the lat­ter phe­nomenon, Lisa is not a pro­fes­sional artist, but she is guided by her intu­ition of com­pos­i­tion, col­our or any­thing other. She paints, moulds col­lages or draws with ink. Lack of edu­ca­tion in the field of art did not become an obstacle for nine per­sonal and some group exhib­i­tions that had already taken place.

Interestingly, Lisa is an act­ive col­lector. She pos­sesses around thirty vari­ous col­lec­tions: orange-​coloured ceram­ics, old mini­ature pho­to­graphs, stamps and small pic­tures, old Scandinavian/​Japanese/​French dishes and kit­chen utensils. And so on. In addi­tion to all of this – pets, among which there is at least one cat, appear­ing as an attrib­ute of cosi­ness. Colourful patch­works, pil­lows seamed together from them, pat­terns and walls, with any stuff that finds a niche on them hanged all over.

After tak­ing a look at art, tangled with hand­work, you find almost the same stuff, which might be accom­mod­ated by a house wife, whose sub con­scious­ness is filled with nos­tal­gia. A view rep­res­ents a feel­ing, which could be caused by a warm get-​together with a piece of apple pie. The recipe ignores the stream of time and she also adds some oddness to it. Especially in three dimen­sional boxes-​collages or ordin­ary col­lages, where faces from pho­to­graph­ic­ally noisy, black and white old pic­tures lie per­due, and so do old labels of the same kind, even clip­pings from encyc­lo­pae­dias with schemes of humans‘ internal organs, cloths, stuffed birds, pieces of wood and everything that car­ries some sort of nos­tal­gic­ally sym­bol­ical mean­ing. On a cer­tain level. Of course, motives of nature should not be left out. I was amazed by her draw­ings on vin­tage books‘ sheets. Lovely.

More art­works here.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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