Nick Veasey. When Science Meets Art

I always admired details of Adobe product design, but only recently I find out who is behind it all and how it is made (and it is made in inter­est­ing and unusual way). I intro­duce you Nick Veasey — ace of x-​ray pho­to­graphy. And Adobe is just small potatoes.

Well, we have come to some­what lar­ger scale. When I first time saw this photo I could not believe that it is not a com­puter model. While search­ing for more inform­a­tion on it I found the pho­to­grapher I men­tioned before. I was con­vinced that it is true that all N. Veasey works are pho­to­graphed using impress­ive in size and com­plic­ated tech­nique of x-​ray pho­to­graphy. In his busi­ness he is aided in every way by sci­ent­ists and tech­ni­cians who know how to use that machinery properly.

The begin­ning was rather funny. Once father of N. Veasey’s girl­friend, who was a truck driver, was driv­ing a truck with thou­sands of Pepsi cans in it and one of those cans ought to be lucky one in a lot­tery to win $ 100 000 prize. Photographer ren­ted an x-​ray machine from hos­pital and was try­ing quickly to get rich. Unfortunately, he did not find his prize. But this event, as you can see, didn’t leave Nick Veasey without nothing.

He began tak­ing pic­tures from age of 14 (it was rather pop­u­lar with youth then) and even sold a couple of his pic­tures to record com­pany, although he was self thought and just star­ted. This kind of achieve­ments encour­aged N. Veasey to con­tinue mak­ing photographs.

Currently, N. Veasey is highly regarded world­wide for his con­sist­ent and ori­ginal style. He is com­mis­sioned by most emin­ent brands, and he is awar­ded by organ­izers of most pres­ti­gi­ous competitions.

The tech­nique itself is much more com­plic­ated than it could seem from the first sight. Every single thing is dif­fer­ent, and it is dif­fer­ent because of its struc­ture. And if you want to pre­cisely depict the beauty of that thing, which we usu­ally can’t see because our phys­ical restric­tions, you need to irra­di­ate it with x-​rays of cor­res­pond­ing strength. For example if you want to pho­to­graph Boeing plane you have to take sev­eral pic­tures using dif­fer­ent strength x-​rays. After that everything is fin­ished in Photoshop. N. Veasey doesn’t hide his fas­cin­a­tion and thank­ful­ness for this tool. I don’t know if that could be a com­mer­cial trick, but he says that without Adobe he just couldn’t cre­ate what he cre­ates now.

N. Veasey is a per­fect example of inter­est­ing things hap­pen­ing when sci­ence and new tech­no­lo­gies help to find its place in art.

You can find more works by Nick Veasey here.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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