The World Size of Cigarette Stump Right Beneath Our Legs. Slinkachu

Last strange word in the title of this art­icle is a pseud­onym of young British mech­anic, won­der­ing in London streets and look­ing beneath his feet for a place to cre­ate mini­ature world invis­ible for a simple passer-​by. Dropped candy wrap­pers, cigar­ette stump fields, gut­ter water­falls. All of this trans­fers as if from a child­hood to a day-​to-​day life of bank work­ers forever in haste, super­mar­ket assist­ants or busy students.

These mini­ature scenes appear in most unex­pec­ted alleys of London streets. As always first games of the artist star­ted in a circle of good friends. This way Slinkachu was noticed by a few media rep­res­ent­at­ives, not to speak of inter­net audi­ence. You prob­ably have seen at least one of the author’s works in respect­ive blogs and sites.

Miniature char­ac­ters usu­ally are obtained in spe­cial­ized shops, which sell train mod­els and their accessor­ies or mod­els for archi­tec­tural lay­outs. If needed they are mod­i­fied to spe­cific­a­tions of Slinkachu. I am aston­ished by con­trast of rela­tion­ship between macro shot and real view.

While view­ing these pho­to­graphs I sud­denly star­ted feel­ing like a six-​year-​old again. With my head against asphalt of the yard, with one eye opened, observing my toy sol­diers epic battle or some her­oes odys­sey through stone desert between fright­en­ing veget­a­tion which, in real­ity, is just a road­side weed.

As the author him­self admits, by doing these seem­ingly inno­cent and harm­less works he had attrac­ted some sus­pi­cion from law and order. For example, one time Slinkachu had to explain to a con­cerned police officer that he isn’t just glue sniff­ing junkie and that he was only fin­ish­ing glu­ing one of his mini­atures in which there was no pro­mo­tion of using any sub­stances. I can ima­gine con­fu­sion of police­men, hear­ing that strange story from a strange guy. And this is not the only incid­ent like this. Great Britain is fam­ous as one of most para­noid coun­tries, not without a cause, however.

Slinkachu usu­ally doesn’t come back to his crime scenes, but people say that they stay untouched, or maybe even unnoticed for as long as a couple of months. And this, more than ever, shows how rarely we look beneath our feet while passing streets.

It is nice to know that the author will con­tinue his idea, as long as it will give him pleas­ure. He also pub­lished his book called Little People in the City. You can order it from the author’s web­site. Also, there you can find new­est and old­est mini­ature works of Slinkachu. I wanted to post all of it here but I didn’t because of respect for the author.

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