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What is the style of this band? There are as many opin­ions on that as there are many music web­sites – min­imal, math rock, indie rock. Somebody even thought up such a style as dance rock. Anyway – it is really easy to enjoy them. Sounds remind of 70’s, inco­her­ent lyr­ics and weird funny mem­bers of band sets light and enjoy­able fun mood.

We wanted to cre­ate music which would be very tech­nical, which wouldn’t be only for parties, but at the same time that would be cheer­ful and people could dance to it.” – says Yannis Philippakis (guitar/​vocals).

Band bap­tized them­selves with a name of “Foals” from a nick­name of vocal­ist Yanni, which trans­lated from Greek lan­guage means “little horse lover“. It all began in a small room which became a stu­dio. When every­one star­ted to express their thoughts and ideas, it came appar­ent that band mem­bers are very crit­ical of each other. There were con­flicts in the begin­ning, but finally they reached some res­ult – per­cus­sion, no chords, gui­tars play­ing higher than 12 fret and a little bit of syn­thes­izer. That’s how this weird and last cen­tury sound­ing band came to be. Something is wrong with those guitars.

Band’s pre­cise sound is merit of Steve Reich. It is him, who intro­duced the world with mean­ing of musical min­im­al­ism in 60’s..

I hate messy music. It is an annoy­ing thing, and it has invin­cible attrac­tion. It doesn’t inter­fere with daily life it’s just aes­thet­ics. I like music which has struc­ture, order and model. And I like when dif­fer­ent pieces of dif­fer­ent tem­plates go together weirdly. — Yannis Philippakis.

I want that words of the song would high­light the music and not other way around – when words put music into shade. Those aren’t some kind of stor­ies; those are just views, which I see in my head. The lyr­ics are pushed into the second plan, they are sep­ar­ated from the music, — says the singer.

Work is done by so called sixth band mem­ber – Tinhead. He cre­ates sur­real paint­ing for a song, shows how it should sound visu­ally. Those weird lines, retro col­ors and buzz­ing birds – all are his fault. He cuts out some­thing like soviet attrib­utes and pastes it in the back­ground of flowers. These incom­pat­ible, warped and put together again manip­u­la­tions reflect the music.

More on the band and it’s per­form­ances here.

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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