Tou Scene or a cave of culture in south western Norway

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Dealing with summer’s cul­tural doc­u­ment­a­tion in my mind, I found myself will­ing to share some bites of it with you. This time – a fairly large por­tion from Norway, Stavanger. Stavanger, as it is known, was European Capital of Culture in 2008. Also, it is the fifth city with biggest pop­u­la­tion in Norway. But for now let’s focus on some­thing else.

Briefly about his­tory. However, “Tou Scene” is not a real cave, things are a little bit bet­ter – it is a former brew­ery, its build­ings trace back to the first half of XXth cen­tury. After mov­ing the brew­ery to other premises, the build­ing com­plex had been in a state of wait­ing for quite a long time, until “Tou Scene” appeared in 2001. It did not appear without a pur­pose, its aim is to spread and develop con­tem­por­ary art assist the cre­at­ors and sup­ply an intriguing shel­ter for culture-​thirsty vis­it­ors. In addi­tion, it belongs to Trans Europe Halles asso­ci­ation, which unites inde­pend­ent cul­tural centres in Europe.

The object dis­cussed in this art­icle would have remained unknown to me, if not one altern­at­ive play for chil­dren, which was intens­ively talked about. Yes, exactly – this venue is not restric­ted for adults‘ interest, some pro­cesses gladly invite chil­dren. What else? Art exhib­i­tions, vari­ous style con­certs (from elec­tron­ics to black metal), per­form­ances, cinema, etc. Also, pro­ject “The Art of Hospitality” – artists from all over the world are given a chance to live and cre­ate for free in “Tuo Scene“ premises for two weeks.

In addi­tion to all pos­it­ive activ­it­ies and pro­jects, after tak­ing the first step inside the main build­ing, one is amazed by ori­ginal, indus­trial design. No glit­ter­ing – walls are covered in metal rust, an idle TV in a corner, shabby sofa and a sign “This is cul­ture” above it. One enters a labyrinth, covered with sten­cil art, broken mir­rors in toi­lets and other draw­ings. Further – two main scenes for events, “Tou Window” room with Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen‘s draw­ing “Hide and Seek”, vis­ible even from the out­side, small musical records‘ shop and, of course, “Tou Scene” café, which has its ceil­ing covered with thread balls. The out­door ter­race with a view to fjord and moun­tains speaks for itself.

I would like to come back there, at least for a cup of cof­fee. Visitors are always wel­come. For ones, who will soon be there, or nearby – this is a must.

Kristina Alijošiūtė
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