A wide window. More precisely – Kim Hiorthøy

There are people, who are called “human orches­tras”. Precisely because they are almost identical to an orches­tra or at least to a part of it. Surely, such descrip­tion in most cases is applic­able to musi­cians, more pre­cisely – to those, who play a not small amount of instru­ments at once. Here it’s also an orches­tra, just the instru­ments are dif­fer­ent. And the com­bin­a­tion of them in one per­son could com­pete even with vari­ety of col­ours spectrum.

The dir­ec­tion after the men­tioned orches­tra – Norway, Oslo. Following this dir­ec­tion and know­ing already men­tioned “orches­tral” goal we will find Kim Hiorthøy, who, with his con­tri­bu­tion, occu­pies music, graphic design, cine­ma­to­graphy, even lit­er­at­ure. And this is just what is pub­lished offi­cially and known for the wish­ful ones. The suc­cess in the men­tioned fields pro­voked such char­ac­ter­iz­a­tions as „Norwegian wun­der­kind“ or „one of the most cre­at­ive people in Norway“. Possibly not without a reason? This time, for dis­cus­sion, we have two from the four: elec­tron­ics and graph­ics by Kim Hiorthøy.

While study­ing music in Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Kim‘s interest was focused on graphic design. Work with fan­zine pub­lish­ing and typo­graphy of local groups‘ entries began. One of the bet­ter known pro­jects in his bio­graphy – col­lab­or­a­tion with a pub­lish­ing com­pany “Rune Grammofon” and a rock band Motorpsycho. His other works include interior dec­or­a­tions and even a cinema theater poster. By the way, Kim is also inter­ested in illus­tra­tion and not just any kind but for chil­dren books. At the moment, if he wanted, he could brag about more than fif­teen pub­lic­a­tions, in which his graph­ical con­tri­bu­tion is imprin­ted. It’s a shame but I didn’t have a chance to see the last illus­tra­tions. Knowing that Norway is a coun­try of non – con­ser­vat­ive chil­dren, we can expect oddity. With no link­ing to Kim Hiorthøy – just think,what worth is a book about defec­a­tion with vivid illustrations.

However, this Norwegian is strictly Norwegian. This phras­ing came to me after see­ing his geo­met­rical, refined and quite min­im­al­istic pieces for the first time. Well and stably calm, even when the col­ors are bright. I am not apply­ing this to the major­ity of the port­fo­lio but, prob­ably, the north­ern make – up leaves its imprint whether it’s col­or­ful fig­ures or col­lages of grainy pho­tos. And now he is under an Oslo’s gallery’s STANDARD pro­tect­ive wing, which rep­res­ents con­tem­por­ary Norwegian visual art artists. He organ­ized four per­sonal exhib­i­tions, even more col­lect­ive ones.

When eval­u­at­ing Kim Hiorthøy as a musi­cian a gap opens up, let­ting only sub­ject­ively fore­see and expect the indis­tinct­ive. This music does not simply fit in the word elec­tron­ics. When in artist’s MySpace web­site it’s intro­duced with a mys­tical “melo­dra­matic pop­u­lar song” term, else­where it’s not dis­pens­able without impress­ive and allegedly uni­ver­sal­ity mean­ing descrip­tions, for example, “lo – fi/​leftfield elec­tron­ics, field record­ings, elec­tro – acous­tic sounds” etc. Possibly, if shortened – an entirety of syn­thetic, quite strange and maybe even min­im­al­istic sounds and, surely, not far behind from Kim’s graph­ics’ par­tic­u­lar Norwegian fla­vor. In 2001 this music attrac­ted the atten­tion of “Smalltown Supersound” com­pany. This way the first album “Hei” emerged and a couple of oth­ers, not men­tion­ing EP or vinyl records and with that – a cer­tain inter­na­tional recog­ni­tion followed.

I regard them as very dif­fer­ent things, even though the place in my head that decides if some­thing works or not is the same for both (and I guess for any­thing, in a way). – Kim about the cre­at­ing pro­cesses of graphic design and music.

Nevertheless, the pro­cesses often tend to exchange with one another. This way they com­ple­ment each other with use­ful and fresh ideas. So, when facing a the­or­et­ical dilemma “the know­ledge of one field or the pri­or­it­ies ver­sat­il­ity?”, a large list of ver­sions come up. Limitedly but almost per­fectly or widely tak­ing a ser­i­ous bite of each? Which sounds bet­ter, an orches­tra or solo? Let’s leave this ques­tion with widely opened win­dows for every­one to think. With Kim Hiorthøy and in a part maybe not abund­antly known Norwegian art.

Kristina Alijošiūtė
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