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Whilst talk­ing about con­tem­por­ary art, new media art, IT, the most inter­est­ing ideas nowadays and the inter­re­la­tion of it all, whether you like it or not, you face the field of design. Design is an industry, which always bal­ances on the crit­ical edge, is not allowed into saint world of artists, though, at the same time often seen with sus­pi­cion from the per­spect­ive of “ser­i­ous” pro­fes­sion­als. Design is some­where there – between cre­ativ­ity, know­ledge, tech­no­logy and innov­at­ive thinking.

Not long ago, the “Brit Insurance Design Awards 2011” exhib­i­tion opened up. The main goal of this exhib­i­tion is to present year’s best and most inter­est­ing design­ers in dif­fer­ent fields: archi­tec­ture, fash­ion, fur­niture, graphic, inter­act­ive, product and trans­port design. Exactly today, in London, the win­ners of every cat­egory were announced. I have to admit that usu­ally I famil­i­ar­ize myself with recent design innov­a­tions while surf­ing online, so the “Pecha Kucha” even­ing, where par­ti­cipants talked about their ideas and the oppor­tun­ity to see the design exhib­i­tion after­wards was a great occa­sion to eval­u­ate the objects in per­son and feel how, why and in what point cre­ativ­ity, art, con­cep­tu­al­ity and design con­tact this year.

Left – win­ner (fash­ion) Jil Sander “+J”, right – win­ner (trans­port) “Barclays Cycle Hire”
Serco” mem­ber tells about “Barclays Circle Hire” pro­ject and how its design should become just as typ­ical to London as the red busses and black taxi cars

First of all, this exhib­i­tion was one of the best exhib­i­tions that I’ve seen in the past three months. I don’t remem­ber when was the last time I was so engaged in the inquiry of the exhib­its and descrip­tions of the con­cep­tions. The flip­ping through the graphic design press as much as the present­a­tion of the iPad applic­a­tions, the pos­sib­il­ity to try them out as much as video mater­ial, telling about archi­tec­tural, inter­act­ive, light­ing objects, immensely got my attention.

Pecha Kucha” even­ing was nice as well — I prob­ably won’t sur­prise any­one by say­ing that some announ­cers were more inter­est­ing than oth­ers. About 20 per­cent of the present­a­tions were just great, 50 per­cent were OK and 30 per­cent were bit bor­ing. However, keep­ing in mind that the most import­ant event is the exhib­i­tion and the announce­ment of the best design, the “Pecha Kucha” even­ing remains a tasty bonus for the gour­mands, who are more into design and want to get a bit more inform­a­tion than given in the exhib­i­tion descrip­tions. You can also talk with the author per­son­ally if you want.

Well, below you will find the objects, which drew my atten­tion the most.

Architecture. An open lib­rary, “Karo Architekten”, Germany
Architecture. An open lib­rary, “Karo Architekten”, Germany

I got a chance to read an opin­ion of one jury mem­bers of last year’s “Brit Insurance Design Awards” poll about the presen­ted pro­jects of 2011. One of the main minuses men­tioned this year was the abund­ant num­ber of the appeared com­mer­cial pro­jects, when, mean­while, last year there were sort of more social. However, if this argu­ment is valid then the field of archi­tec­ture is a com­plete excep­tion. The win­ner of the archi­tec­ture design was an open lib­rary pro­ject in Germany, which was cre­ated in very aban­doned, and we could say isol­ated part of the city. This pro­ject became the focus point of the city and gathered the com­munity, which in a short period of time col­lec­ted more than 20 000 books. Eventually, the pro­ject received the atten­tion of the gov­ern­ment too. Now, here it’s a lib­rary that is open for 24 hours and an open space for relaxation.

iPad – not that long ago presen­ted device. In the “Brit Insurance Design Awards” exhib­i­tion, there were a couple of iPad applic­a­tions presen­ted. I am per­son­ally very inter­ested in the dif­fer­ent exper­i­ence whilst read­ing and tak­ing in the inform­a­tion provided by iPad. Magazines could enrich the con­tent by thou­sand times and provide a com­pletely dif­fer­ent exper­i­ence to the read­ers, allow­ing you to flip through a load of illus­tra­tions, watch rel­ev­ant video record­ings, listen to music etc. I cer­tainly would use iPad for read­ing books, but it’s a shame that, in the mean­time, the access­ible pub­lic­a­tions as well as book resources are quite small. Well, and for now, all we are left with is to enjoy the design pub­lic­a­tions that accom­mod­ate the iPad pro­grams first, even though, the “pur­chase” of such magazines into your iPad costs the same as the paper edition,(which is a bit sad after get­ting attune with the free inform­a­tion in inter­net web­sites), how­ever, the inter­act­ive read­ing brings thoughts that we wasted a whole etern­ity read­ing flat books and we can only envy the future generations.

So, the win­ner of the inter­act­ive design field was one of the iPad applic­a­tions, “Flipboard” – it’s the first social magazine for iPad.

Graphic design

The graphic design cat­egory was not less deli­cious, mostly delight­ing the ones who were tired from the iPad devices and their applic­a­tions. The presen­ted books and pub­lic­a­tions invited to remem­ber the enjoy­ment of touch­ing qual­ity design, paper and press edi­tions and to famil­i­ar­ize with the most cre­at­ive design decisions that covered the com­mer­cial pub­lic­a­tion design as well as per­sonal artists’ port­fo­lio, spe­cial­ized books or even fiction.

The graphic design winners

Furniture design some­times is quite inter­est­ing but often, in my opin­ion, it’s bor­ing. Lamps, chairs, tables and all sorts of other often quite mono­tonic and just by one or another line dis­tin­guish­ing from each other con­struc­tions that we often looked at so much in our every­day life that it’s hard to sur­prise or to interest. In my opin­ion, this year’s win­ner was chosen wan­tonly, so instead of him I present a chair design that seemed the most inter­est­ing to me. This chair, in my opin­ion, is ideal for the brain­storm­ing. The con­stant swinging turns you pleas­antly, it seems that you will fall down right this moment but still you lean to the other side, just like those ser­i­ous decisions.

Not a win­ner but sup­posed to be one

Well and another pro­ject that attrac­ted my atten­tion was from the field of archi­tec­ture design. Benjamin Garcia, was great with his present­a­tion at “Pecha Kucha” even­ing. He presen­ted a forest pro­ject, cre­ated inside of a house. The archi­tect emphas­ized that archi­tec­ture to him is not just a non­liv­ing link with per­son­al­ity. He began the present­a­tion of this house with a story about his mother, who, whilst she was still young built a house her­self. This house, from which mother Helen could watch the moon every night became an inspir­a­tion to B. Garcia to cre­ate a new pro­ject. Whilst work­ing in London, he saved 10 thou­sand pounds and together with local dwell­ers in Costa Rica real­ized this pearl him­self. His mother now can watch the moon and enjoy nat­ural light­ing, which thanks to the com­pos­i­tion of the con­struc­tions and the selec­ted mater­i­als is dis­trib­uted just fabulously.

This example is very inter­est­ing in the pos­i­tion of the archi­tect him­self. Often we see archi­tects on the top, never phys­ic­ally involved in build­ing the pro­ject itself. Whereas, this case is com­pletely dif­fer­ent. B. Garcia hon­estly real­ized his pro­ject him­self from begin­ning till the end.

Hope you enjoyed some of my impressions!

B. Garcia
B. Garcia
Benjamin Garcia
Architecture design
Architecture design
Pecha Kucha night
Fashion design

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