Clerkenwell design week 2011 – a fiesta for those who like snacks

Recently fest­ivals take unex­pec­tedly vari­ous forms. Some are held in city cen­ters, oth­ers deep in forests, spe­cial­ized events or city feasts of a pop­u­lar nature call itself fest­ivals as well. I am sure, that you would find dif­fer­ent examples of fest­ivals too. This time I am in a hurry to share info about a spe­cial­ized design fest­ival that is going on in London. Maybe some of you are vis­it­ing this city, and you will swing by, well, and for oth­ers, simply the moments from exhib­i­tions, where you can see and check trends of the most recent design.

Space and loc­a­tion of the fest­ival. Clerkenwell design week is held in the cen­ter of London, near Barbican. Exactly here you will find vari­ous design shops, present­ing everything from trendy chairs to super expens­ive urinal or bath. Not only the local shops but also vari­ous cafes, clubs, gal­ler­ies and espe­cially for this event cre­ated spaces are tak­ing part in this fiesta. Every space is marked with an offi­cial badge and is also indic­ated on the map. I, per­son­ally, usu­ally avoid com­ing to this type of shops – you can call them salons. Often they are very formal and lux­uri­ous, so to just come in, without buy­ing some­thing, seems quite chal­len­ging. Most young people look at such spaces through win­dows, avoid­ing a dir­ect con­tact, well we do not have cash for ₤3000 couch any­way. In that case, fest­ival cre­ates more relaxed atmo­sphere and gives an excep­tional oppor­tun­ity to just enjoy and explore one space after another, look at people who work here and take part in some events.

Exhibits and exhib­i­tions. I vis­ited quite a few exhib­i­tions and spaces here and would say that product design, espe­cially fur­niture design, dom­in­ates the show. However, exhib­i­tions did not limit them­selves only with examples of fur­niture design. I found inter­est­ing exhib­i­tion, present­ing final BA stu­dents works of archi­tec­ture – it’s great to see that, whilst study­ing for their bach­el­ors, some stu­dents are already cre­at­ing inter­est­ing and tech­nic­ally high level works. The dom­in­ant archi­tec­ture mod­els sug­gest vari­ous solu­tions for com­munit­ies, social net­works and spaces, cre­ated for com­mu­nic­a­tion, shar­ing and bring­ing city res­id­ents closer. It was exit­ing to observe a mobile, inter­act­ive and innov­at­ive examples of spaces and to believe that one day they will be real­ized. Also, quite inter­est­ing products were presen­ted by the London Design Museum shop.

Events. Clerkenwell design week offers a wide spec­trum of events – from work­shops, lec­tures and dis­cus­sions to tea cere­mon­ies and parties. I, as always, was drawn the most by dis­cus­sions and lec­tures, so I chose those that fit accord­ing to the time and with inter­est­ing themes. Victoria Renshaw dis­cussed quite inter­est­ing top­ics, look­ing at the main trends in the world for upcom­ing years. Agencies, which for years observe tend­en­cies in archi­tec­ture, art, tech­no­logy, medi­cine, cinema, fash­ion, eco­nom­ics, our daily life and finally sum them all up to present the main angles, tend­en­cies and expres­sions that will be the most rel­ev­ant in the upcom­ing years, seemed very inter­est­ing to me. Some pre­dic­tions I wrote down to my note­book: pop­ular­ity of bio­tech­nical tools, increase of fairy tales’ motives, grow­ing mobil­ity in human life­style and the influ­ence of social net­works to most indus­tries, even design (examin­ing such details as fab­rics and tex­tures). She also talked about record­ing dreams and shar­ing them on “Facebook” wall or an archi­tec­tural plan of a house, sim­ilar to a ham­ster wheel.

So, ladies and gen­tle­men, as you can see, we will be liv­ing like ham­sters in the future. – Victoria Renshaw.

Sponsors and snacks. One of the most delight­ful nuances of this fest­ival would be that it is free. The main spon­sor is “Jaguar”, which prob­ably was the most con­cerned that the fest­ival would be open to as many people as pos­sible. You can also eval­u­ate the most recent auto­mobile mod­els of “Jaguar” itself in the main exhib­i­tion hall. Clerkenwell design week should also be liked by those, who like to social­ize and enjoy drinks with snacks. It seems that every space tries to attract their cus­tom­ers not only by the presen­ted pro­gram but also by vari­ous cock­tails and sweets, I heard that there will even be a sand­wich workshop.

So, to those, who like to eval­u­ate cre­ativ­ity in a big­ger con­text and look not only to paint­ings and white gal­lery walls, I would recom­mend wan­der­ing around Barbican’s streets and vis­it­ing hap­pen­ing events. You will find more inform­a­tion here.

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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