E — flux. Let there be light.

Sometimes I fail to under­stand con­tem­por­ary art. Even dis­tress­ful attempts lead nowhere.

Then I get caught by an enorm­ous caprice that some work of art would bump straight onto my head just to con­firm the Newton’s law…

Sometimes it seems impossible. Sometimes, the grav­it­a­tion really does not affect con­tem­por­ary art, and it is just float­ing some­where above existence.

I con­fess – I usu­ally exper­i­ence these feel­ings when I am in vari­ous art insti­tu­tions or while look­ing at com­mis­sioned art pro­jects, mostly those for spe­cial occasions.

Then I desire two things: truth and light.

There are many sources of light on the Internet.

To tell the truth, I stumbled upon this source by pure luck – I had atten­ded the sem­inar named “Three uses of the knife”, also vis­ited the E-​Flux news portal and dis­covered the lec­ture by the magazine’s estab­lish­ment manager.

Then my eyes had been opened.

Now I surf the e – flux Internet web­site more and more.

There are at least a few ser­i­ous reas­ons why I search for truth exactly there.

Firstly, it feels really great to get a sense of being the cit­izen of the World and to find out what art events hap­pen in the whole wide World every day.

My little obdur­ate heart is also pleased because this vir­tual pub­lic­a­tion (actu­ally, its texts) may take a tan­gible form. It is pos­sible not only to down­load the desired text, but also to print it out and share it with other people. And it won’t be called a crime or a deep sin of illegal downloading …

Surfing the e-​flux, I feel like I am in a socially respons­ible space where I am not encour­aged to be just an art con­sumer. Here, the con­tinu­ously tousled and loosened top­ics are not exactly linked to art. But these indir­ect links are so power­ful, that they are mak­ing one think.

The best fea­ture of e – flux is that it goes over the bound­ar­ies of a usual art ori­ent­ated pub­lic­a­tion – inter­net site. The best example would be Hans Ulrich Obrist’s inter­view with Julian Assange. When an inter­view becomes not only a tool to express an opin­ion, but also a research.

Another fea­ture of the e – flux, which always tempts me to come back to it, is a wish to share know­ledge and exper­i­ence. Also, it is the need to get links to other inter­est­ing sources and inform­a­tion about imple­men­ted projects.

Then I start to believe that art can become a nat­ural and com­pre­hens­ive part or every person’s life just like the need to sat­isfy the hunger.

Monika Slancauskaite
About author:
Monika Slancauskaite
There are four things that led Monika to Art Pit - eagerness to meet free people, curiosity, anger and a need to turn her dissatisfaction in nowadays situation of art and culture to something more than grumbling under her breath. She loves Art Pit because it is a creative space, where interest in art and life, thinking, breaking free of stereotypes... Read further >
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