The filler of empty spaces. Andy Kehoe

He is such, who lops along, puts you into empti­ness and then exists so calmly that the empti­ness doesn’t even dare to move or to express a quiet pre­ten­sion. But he is. Prospers. Fullfillingly prospers because he has the pur­pose not to let the empti­ness to feel empty, without ignor­ing the pos­sib­il­ity that he is empty. Statically empty and full together in the empty infin­ity, where the bound­ar­ies of dimen­sions that have a meas­ure erase themselves.

Filler of Empty places”/ “Lost in the Forest of Madness”

The Filler of empty places” is one of Andy Kehoe’s pieces. And also that what rises and spins around if sought. Here are a lot of mys­tery, which you still won’t be able to unwind enough for stay­ing untouched.

Just who is that Andy Kehoe? He is also a par­tial mys­tery. But the mys­tery lies in Pennsylvania, USA. So much is known that this per­son was a sea merchant’s son, who was thrown into the vast of the sea dur­ing one unfor­tu­nate incid­ent. Shortly after, he reached the islands of the Galapagos. There he was raised and in all sorts of ways mannered by iguanas. Then, after quite a long period of time, he even more mys­ter­i­ously found him­self on the con­tin­ent of America and he is entrenched there till now. It is said that he always walks in zig­zags with the goal to evade the cro­codile, attempt­ing to harm his body, or small met­eor­ites, which, whilst fall­ing, could hit him over the head. He lives in a con­stant fear of chil­dren and fly­ing toys since when he tried to take down a kite, stuck in a tree, and almost died. So, that’s how Andy Kehoe is.

Finding Hope Here in the Clearing”

If more ser­i­ously then – really, Andy Kehoe with his own crumb of cre­ation. An artist and an illus­trator, who helped even the New York Times but more con­cen­trated on paint­ing of a spe­cific style.

The final point – a two per­son, broth­ers’, Andy Kehoe and Ben Kehoe, exhib­i­tion “ The Safest Place in the World” in Chicago. It’s inter­est­ing, what is that safest place? Although, I already have a clue…

Good Thoughts Drift Elsewhere” /​“After the Flood, Trust Waivers”

By the way, he is also so when hope is rest­ing in quiet fields and when good thoughts drift some­where else. The entirety, which breathes a strange calmness but that more aggress­ive one, seems intend­ing to explode right away, right into your sub­con­scious­ness, when you least expect it. And pre­cisely because aggres­sion here is obvi­ous, it becomes calm and a bit hid­den. A creature, show­ing his sharp teeth, will come to col­lect you to that empti­ness mys­ter­i­ously, so it’s bet­ter to be alert. But no, hope also looks angry. There is noth­ing left there, where you could brew trust. Be careful.

Coming to Collect”
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