Intense sound constructions from Belarus

Gurzuf” is an extraordin­ary band hail­ing from Minsk, Belarus and at the moment they have brought their sound to at least half of the coun­tries in Europe. They are quite uncon­ven­tional both because of their set of instru­ments (drums + accor­dion) and style (they call it “accor­dion mad­ness” and play mash up of punk, hip-​hop, folk and clas­sical music). It was quite inter­est­ing to observe audi­ence reac­tion in one of their con­certs in Lithuania – most of the time people just calmly sat behind the tables, but at the very end people went quite mad and gave “Gurzuf” a stand­ing applause. Etiquette, com­mon in theatre, seemed quite appro­pri­ate there, because the per­form­ance, brought by Artem Zalessky and Jegor Zabelov was both artistic and sin­cere, just like in a small play.

Was Gurzuf the first pro­ject in which you are involved? What did you do before it – did you played some­where else? What was the the very begin­ning of Gurzuf?

ARTEM. Actually, we met while play­ing with other bands. Minsk has quite an inter­est­ing plat­form for musi­cians – it is not just a com­pany of friends. We play together, we work together. That’s how we met and that’s how everything started.

Is it the only band where you are play­ing now?

ARTEM. As musi­cians, we are inter­ested in dif­fer­ent view­points and vari­ous approaches. Music which we play is rich, and col­lab­or­a­tions with oth­ers gives us exper­i­ence, widens the hori­zons. Now it is the only pro­ject but we prac­tice with vari­ous other musi­cians, too.

You tour quite a lot. Why did you choose this way – many gigs, not too much time in the studio?

JEGOR. We wanted our music to become a career — when you only play and do not have to do any­thing else. The band was cre­ated for con­certs and tour­ing, we wanted to play in many places – it was the idea, and now you see the res­ult. Of course, now we look at it a bit dif­fer­ent. Active tour­ing is a hard work and in this way the cre­ation pro­cess suf­fers itself. Now we plan to spend more time in the stu­dio because we came up with some new ideas and mater­ial for recordings..

ARTEM. At the very begin­ning we star­ted as a tour­ing band and since we felt a need to prove ourselves in this status. That’s how we live for the last three years – we played in many places, fest­ivals and ven­ues in Belarus and other coun­tries, at the same time we made con­nec­tions with dif­fer­ent organ­izers. That was pri­or­ity to us. At the mean­time record­ing pro­cess is more import­ant, we ded­ic­ate our time to it and it is our cur­rent goal.

You released your album “Non-​existent movie” in 2007. Maybe you plan to release some­thing new soon?

ARTEM.Releasing album is a time con­sum­ing pro­cess. When we recor­ded our first album, we just put the same mater­ial as we per­form in live con­certs to it. There was no need to write some­thing new, and we had dif­fer­ent pri­or­it­ies at that time. First album defines our energy and style as much as it is pos­sible to do that technically.

First album was recor­ded in 11 hours, because one great stu­dio in Moscow said to us: “Hey guys, let’s record your con­cert mater­ial”. Nobody actu­ally records an album in such a short period of time. We attached micro­phones to instru­ments and played our reg­u­lar routine. Of course, some­times there were sev­eral takes, some­thing new was added and some pieces were changed, but the main idea was the same. We wanted to say everything through our energy vibes.

It seems that you have a very strong con­nec­tion with your instru­ments.

JEGOR. I do not really like talk­ing in inter­views, it’s quite hard for me.:) Accordion is a part of me and I can talk a lot about it. I can say that there is no other instru­ment which does such a big influ­ence to me. At the moment, I am just not able to stop play­ing, I do it every day – it is like an addic­tion to me.

ARTEM. Instrument is like an exten­sion for me. I can trans­fer my emo­tional energy through sound. Every drum piece, even the tini­est part of the set, has it’s indi­vidual energy. I try to trans­fer my energy through them. Music allows me and Jegor to tell things we are not able to say when using words.


Your song titles gives the impres­sion that you are inter­ested in abstract ideas – free­dom, love etc. What do you want to say through your music, do you have some main themes?

ARTEM. All of those com­pos­i­tions are included in album called “Non-​existent movie”. The main idea was to cre­ate an instru­mental music soundtrack for a movie which does not exist. Every com­pos­i­tion cre­ates asso­ci­ations – they are emo­tional thing, which is expressed without using words. Every per­son can cre­ate his own visu­al­iz­a­tion for our music. The main aim is to make them feel some­thing. This is an image for the heart.

JEGOR. Those titles could be totally dif­fer­ent, it is quite hard to name the sound.

ARTEM. While play­ing, we want to talk about people in gen­eral – that is our theme. In music we try to give emo­tions for people. People listen to the music because they like listen­ing to it. Through music we try to talk uni­ver­sally, but for us it is also import­ant to trans­fer our own feel­ings and energy. We play for people, we try to open their ener­getic chan­nels, make them to do some­thing – to feel, to love, to wonder.


You have made a soundtrack for a pup­pet play. How did you star­ted work­ing with theatre, do you plan con­tinue to do it? Maybe you have plans to com­pose music for a full length film?

ARTEM. Once we met a theatre dir­ector, he heard how Jegor plays and he liked it.

JEGOR. At that moment, I thought about that idea as a joke. I have never done any­thing like that before, I even didn’t plan to do so. For that play I had to write all score — not only for myself but for other instru­ments, too. That includes violin, cello, grand piano. That was the first time for me and I can say, it worked out well. Now that theatre dir­ector asks me to cre­ate music for plays all the time, for example, just recently he pro­posed oppor­tun­ity to cre­ate score for “Cinderella”.

ARTEM. Let’s say, we are look­ing for inter­est­ing offers. Maybe we are not in an act­ive search, but if he got an inter­est­ing offer, we are ready to join. For example, we recently got a pro­posal to work in some exper­i­mental cinema project.

JEGOR. One dir­ector sug­ges­ted us to par­ti­cip­ate in a fest­ival in Tallinn, Estonia. We are going to cre­ate music for one of their pro­jects – it is very inter­est­ing for us to see Gurzuf as a part of a film.

The last ques­tion will be about altern­at­ive music scene in Belarus. You said that there are many inter­est­ing bands play­ing – maybe you could recom­mend some­thing which our read­ers must hear?

ARTEM. First of all there are very many dif­fer­ent people there. You can divide them into dif­fer­ent parts of altern­at­ive scene — dance club cul­ture, vari­ous kinds of sub­cul­tures and cre­at­ive indi­vidu­als. In Minsk there are lots of great blues and jazz bands, some people play American, British music, metal or hard­core, you can say that the spec­trum is wide. Some bands are so unique and have so spe­cific vocals, that you can hardly define their style.

I think that is won­der­ful – it is always inter­est­ing to hear new approach, and it doesn’t mat­ter in what con­text or genre. Many great groups appeared from the peri­phery of the coun­try dur­ing the last 5 years. Before that, there were some prob­lems with try­ing to go any­where out­side the coun­try. Now many musi­cians tour in Europe, Russia or Ukraine and I think it is great.

Thank you for your answers!

GURZUF myspace: http://​www​.myspace​.com/​g​u​r​z​uff

Listen: http://​gurzuf​band​.com/​a​u​d​i​o​_​e​n​.​h​tml

Photographer: Aliona Bogdanova

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