Photodiary: The week


Photographer Marta Ivanova

Photo series The Week con­sist of seven pic­tures, cre­ated using scan­ner tech­no­logy, so called scenno­graphy. This series talk about pho­to­grapher her­self, her week of seven days. Every day has its body slough which leads her 24 hours every day. She also emphas­izes sexual fet­ish­ism, a strange sexual pleas­ure which she gets scan­ning her body.



Marta Ivanova
About author:
Marta Ivanova
Marta Ivanova is photography and media artist, mainly interested in woman‘s theme and the ways of her body expression. She explores woman‘s body as a battle field, as an atlas; Hitchcock’s McGuffin; an image of Femme Fatale or “crime” woman of “Film Noir”. Marta is trying to push a creative link to a viewer of a woman as a “spot”,... Read further >
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  • Milind
    April 8, 2014
    4:42 am

    Thanks Wilson! On a tan­gen­tial note, I have a qut­seion about the colon­ies and 58ers that you men­tion. Do you know that they actu­ally served in an ITK, or do you assume this because they were housed by the pro­vin­cial UITK/​OITK, i.e., not Siblag or another ITL? I ask this because at first I assumed that all pris­on­ers in the UITK/​OITKs were in colon­ies, as the insti­tu­tional name implies. But I found in the Baltics and in Ukraine that the UITK/OITK’s in the late Stalin era were mostly com­prised of LOs, not ITKs. The Estonian OITK, for instance, had 7 LOs and just 2 ITKs in early 1953. So most pris­on­ers in the bor­der­land repub­lics weren’t in the ITLs, but they weren’t in ITKs either. I would be inter­ested if this were also the case in Russia and Kazakhstan (and I sus­pect that it was). That doesn’t mean that 58ers didn’t ever end up in ITKs, of course .we all know how messy things were on the ground des­pite (or in part because of) the mul­ti­tude of clas­si­fic­a­tion criteria.