Fetish by Liudas Andrikis

Photo series Fetish is a con­tinu­ous pro­ject of Liudas Andrikis. Artist is inter­ested in devi­ations, aber­ra­tions of soci­ety and its peri­pher­ies. He takes these top­ics to day­light and imme­di­ately cre­ates pub­lic interest, which reminds of curi­os­ity and our need to secretly look at other life through the key hole.

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
About author:
Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
Gintare Zitkeviciute is Art Pit’s thinker and doer. In her work practise, she values lean approach, creativity and quick decisions. She doesn't like working with random people and thinks that a team is a heart of successful project. For that reason, she carefully picks people she works with on everyday basis. She is mostly interested in innovatio... Read further >
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