A Little Bit of Erotica and Acting

I like old, not entirely des­cent pic­tures. I col­lect silent movies; I admire their melo­drama and over react­ing. It seems like nobody likes silent movies any­more, but I simply wor­ship it – it is braver than mod­ern cinema.” – Ellen von Unwerth.

While being teen­ager, she worked at cir­cus, later became a model and finally unex­pec­tedly emerged in a world of pho­to­graphy. Despite that Ellen Von Unwerth doesn’t have edu­ca­tion as pro­fes­sional pho­to­grapher, her pho­tos are immensely sug­gest­ive, unique and stands out with its obvi­ous style.

Her photo series is lust­ful and effem­in­ate but at the same time frivol­ous and full of action. Photographer says that free­dom, pleas­ure and emo­tion­al­ity are most import­ant things while work­ing. Although she is attrib­uted to fash­ion pho­to­graphy, her pho­tos always have their story and action, while brand and accessor­ies are left at second plan.

I don’t do pho­to­graphs with a wish to receive reac­tions like – ‘Wow, look at that dress!’. — Ellen von Unwerth

She star­ted her career by sur­prise. While being a model, she dated a pho­to­grapher. Later, while liv­ing together, he showed her how to pro­cess film. Finally, one day he gave her photo cam­era as a gift and showed which but­ton makes it work and how to load film into it. Ellen then star­ted mak­ing pic­tures for her pleas­ure, while mod­el­ing over­board or just dur­ing vacations.

It took only 14 days for her first photo to be pub­lished. Girl sur­prised her friends and even more – her­self. After, her pho­tos were pub­lished in such magazines as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, i-​D and became the face of such advert­ising cam­paigns as Guess, Victoria’s Secret, H&M ir Miu Miu. Author also released a couple of books: “Snaps”, “Couples”, “Wicked”, “Revenge” and Omahyra & Boyd.

Artist doesn’t stop with pho­to­graphy – she also dir­ects movies.

- What do you think about digital photography?

- I don’t like digital pho­to­graphy. I will use film as long as it will be made. I don’t think you can do work faster with digital cam­era. You can get pho­to­graph instantly, but retouch­ing takes forever, and it isn’t even cheaper, because retouch­ing isn’t cheap. So I really don’t know why it is being said that using a digital cam­era is bet­ter than a film cam­era. Using film you can get unex­pec­ted effect and pleas­antly sur­prise yourself.

Tools: Nikon and Contax photo cameras.

Kodak Tri-​X film.

Favorite: 35mm Nikon.

When she can, she chooses black and white film without doubt.

Renkantis mod­elius jai svar­bi­ausia ne išva­izda, o asmenybė. Norinčios pas ją pap­ulti mer­gi­nos turi turėti vel­ni­uką savyje, nebi­joti riz­ikuoti ir vaid­inti. Darbas grupėje, pil­nas atsip­alai­davi­mas ir fantazija — pag­rind­inė foto­grafės sėkmes priežastis.

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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