Creativity Kiosk: Interview with Shaltmira

Photographer Marta Ivanova

Hey Egle! The first ques­tion would be about inter­net com­munit­ies that you belong to and the fact that they have cer­tain influ­ences on you. Could you tell us how did you find them and what was their hook for you?

“There is no hon­esty, no mat­ter what I may say, everything is a lie but, first of all, it won’t be me because I am here only as a vent­ri­lo­quist doll” (Samuel Becket).

Mostly I am happy because I found this blog. SOME WEIRD ART BY WEIRD ARTISTS. At the moment, there are 24 reg­u­lar par­ti­cipants in it. I am here since September of 2010 and the blog itself is alive since the November of 2006. The name of the blog has a con­nec­tion to Max and Moritz com­ics, in which the prot­ag­on­ists are eaten by ducks, cha cha cha. We could say that ammuni­tion of (non) nor­mal humor/​irony/​sarcasm is char­ac­ter­istic to the bunch that gath­ers here. We put our cre­ated art­work in here as well as com­ments and advice. We also share inter­est­ing find­ings and our own thoughts, dreams, links etc.

The main thing that unites the artists, who par­ti­cip­ate here, is the uncon­fined pos­i­tion towards cre­ation, which is close to the out­sider art or philo­sophy of stuck­ism. The means of expres­sion that is included in this site are tra­di­tional media with occa­sional inter­ven­tion of digit­al­ism. We can find com­ics’ artists, anim­at­ors, and illus­trat­ors among the par­ti­cipants. Usually one field of art is not a limit. There is no com­mer­cial art and the status of a pro­fes­sional artist is not what any of us seek. Teachers of ele­ment­ary schools, tire sails men, com­puter game cre­at­ors – it does not mat­ter what you do for a liv­ing because what’s import­ant is that, which you cre­ate. The main par­ti­cipants of the blog are from USA, France, South Korea, Scotland, Holland, Poland, Canada, Germany, and Belgium.

You often call your­self by the pseud­onym Shaltmira. What does it mean and what is its story?

It means the dif­fer­ence between what was given and what was chosen. Memoria prae­ter­itorum bonorum. The whole col­lec­tion of my art­work is liv­ing by this name.

How do you think the day-to–day life, art and per­spect­ives of a young artist such as your­self are dif­fer­ent from those, liv­ing in the West?

Everything entwines. I was always inter­ested in devi­ations, patho­lo­gies, crit­ical states and pos­i­tions. Weakness is the person’s strength. Unconsciousness, people and phe­nomenon. How far can a per­son go and what are his motives? Is he seek­ing pleas­ure? It’s a slip­pery line. What does a being, which was born with two heads, think? Museums of freaks. A love story of a serial killer – pros­ti­tute – les­bian can be so beau­ti­ful and pain­ful. I was very inter­ested in bio­graph­ies of serial killers. The ques­tions about iden­tity, the Queer the­ory and Women’s stud­ies. I am inter­ested in visual pleas­ure and L. Mulvey’s the­ory about the “non – exist­ence of an inno­cent look”. Killers and sui­cides, exe­cu­tion­ers and vic­tims, the Stockholm syn­drome, wars, dic­tat­ors and the wounded, trau­mat­ized, the vic­tims of gen­er­a­tions of freaks. There is no need for sci­ence fic­tion films. All we need to do is to look at things that are hap­pen­ing in the real­ity. <…>

I always liked to read. I think of Samuel Beckett’s writ­ing as my bible. Waiting for Godot is the most accur­ate meta­phor of life! Besides this I read books of such authors as Daniil Kharms, Witold Gombrowicz, Charles Bukowski, Marcel Schwob, José Donoso. In addi­tion, I value poetry of Algimantas Mackus, Antanas A. Jonynas, Algimantas Mikuta, Mantas Gimžauskas, Dainius Gintalas, Rimas Burokas and writ­ing of Antanas Škėma, Juozas Erlickas and Sigitas Parulskis. Music also plays a big role in my life. The feel­ing of dis­cov­ery is nice. I explored metal to gothic and indus­trial to noise music scenes. There was a period, dur­ing which I listened only to Suicidal Depressive Black Metal and I did not need any­thing more at that time. However, there is no attach­ment to one style any­more. The most import­ant thing is emo­tion and hon­esty. You can exper­i­ence that in an opera as well as at a shit­core con­cert. Films and video all-​around is another import­ant part of my life. I have a couple of favor­ite dir­ect­ors, among which are Harmony Korine, John Waters, Gaspar Noé, Todd Solondz, Spike Jonze, Gregg Araki, Peter Greenaway, Matthew Barney, Kenneth Ager… <…>

The Internet influ­ences cre­at­ive indus­tries and the way artists work. What is your opin­ion about it? Is the pos­sib­il­it­ies provided by WWW import­ant to you?

The vir­tual space is very import­ant to me. The main advant­age is the easy and fast way to find inform­a­tion and its dis­per­sion. It’s a con­veni­ent tool of com­mu­nic­a­tion. Internet gal­ler­ies and port­fo­lio surely change the mean­ing of an ori­ginal artistic piece. It’s easier to just scan/​photograph an art piece and pub­lish it on the Internet than organ­ize a real exhib­i­tion. And it’s pos­sible to reach a wider audi­ence on of course.

How do you ima­gine your­self after five years? What would be you ideal scenario?

I don’t mind going nowhere as long as it’s an inter­est­ing path.” I don’t have a spe­cific five year plan, but there is a dir­ec­tion. The most import­ant thing is to do some­thing that gives me pleas­ure and what I am inter­ested in the most. For me it’s art. „If you want some­thing you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do some­thing you’ve never done before.” That’s why there is a ever con­tinu­ous search.

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