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To shock, to scream louder than every­one else, not to fol­low the estab­lished stand­ards – it’s philo­sophy of most of young bands, becom­ing a neces­sity in the con­text of today’s music industry. Even if it’s said that a band is not try­ing to become pop­u­lar, one can clearly recog­nize des­per­ate attempts to attract atten­tion. It’s some­times dif­fi­cult to say whether spe­cific beha­vior is a res­ult of an aggress­ive char­ac­ter or a typ­ical show off, inten­tional and not worth any atten­tion. Although, in this occa­sion, I first heard the music.

Cold scream­ing elec­tron­ics imme­di­ately let me under­stand that I am not in a very hos­pit­able home. Here, you get only what you are worth with your opin­ion – a cup of cold tea, a bit of not real, syn­thetic pie. Only till you learn how to adapt and to main­tain a con­ver­sa­tion fol­low­ing the rules of the owner.

Canadians Crystal Castles are scan­dal­ists. The duet, con­sist­ing a vocal­ist Alice Glass and a pro­du­cer Ethan Kath, have already man­aged to become known for their live con­certs, in which Alice demon­strates her agil­ity and aggres­sion by diving around the scene and the audi­ence, jump­ing on the drums and in other ways mak­ing music of the duet mean­ing­ful. There had been occa­sion­ing, when she attacked one of their fans in a crowd with a micro­phone, without any reason. When watch­ing her unpre­dict­able beha­vior, we can think that it’s a part of the drastic musical per­form­ance or that it’s a form of an undis­covered ill­ness, but it does not dis­cour­age the fan­atic crowds, crav­ing, in any means pos­sible, to get into another per­form­ance of theirs. She’s the cha­risma of the duet. Maybe a bit crazed fans wrote on the inter­net about her fatal­istic look and beauty, told about the unnam­able happy moments, when, dur­ing a con­cert, they could get even a bit closer to Alice. The youth­ful energy and cour­age attract like bait.

Meanwhile, Ethan usu­ally stands with a hood on his head, dis­tan­cing him­self from the chaos, los­ing him­self in the job that he was given. Chaos and sta­bil­ity. However, it is known that in life Ethan is not a very peace­ful man. As well as the rhythms of the Crystal Castles.

The offi­cial his­tory of the band began in 2004, when Ethan Kath met just 15 year old, at the time, Alice Glass in one con­cert, where she sang with a punk – rock band Fetus Fatale and asked her to sing vocal parts for a couple of his record­ings. After put­ting the record­ings on the inter­net, they got more and more pop­u­lar and song “Alice prac­tice” later became the first Crystal Castles’ single and was released in a vinyl format. Popularity of the band grew prob­ably by the hour — with the first album “Crystal Castles” duet began to per­form in fam­ous fest­ivals bey­ond the bor­der of Canada and to draw con­stantly grow­ing sup­port of the fans and glory by a hand­ful. However, the group’s musical style is not eas­ily describ­able with one word. Basically it’s indie elec­tron­ics, mixed with 8 bit game type sounds’ aes­thet­ics, Alice’s vocal vari­ations from soft voice to scream­ing and a spice of con­tem­por­ary pop and dance floor sound. All of this com­bines into a gross grain por­ridge, remind­ing of some­thing nos­tal­gic and at the same time strik­ing over your taste recept­ors as if it was some­thing ener­giz­ing but not that tasty and eas­ily digested.

However, with their second album, released in 2010 that has the same name as the first one, just with “II” added, the band softened their sound a bit – we won’t find total aggres­sion or altern­at­ive style here any­more or at least there’s way less lo – fi sounds and nos­tal­gia. It’s greatly expressed in cre­ation “Celestica” – a dif­fer­ent mood, a friend­lier sound for the masses and calmly walk­ing Alice, restrained by a neat, black dress, in the video clip. It’s dif­fi­cult to com­pare it to such com­pos­i­tions as “XxzxcuzxMe” from the first album. Did Cystal Castles lose, in part, their cre­ated trail of destruc­tion? Even if, — this way they really found them­selves, by ded­ic­at­ing their soul to dance floors, in which they don’t go and don’t like to go. They don’t even listen do dance music. Instead of that – Joy Division and black metal.

We both hate video games. We were just break­ing apart elec­tron­ics and toys to get annoy­ing sounds.

Even after hav­ing pol­ished their sound, Crystal Castles are not out of ideas. In the song “Year of silence” from their second album we can recog­nize the voice of the lead singer from the band Sigur Rós, taken from the song “Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur” and used as a musical instru­ment. Alice sounds more silent, not so sharp, it seems that she’s not that irre­place­able any­more. The “Not in love” ver­sion with The Cure vocal­ist Robert Smith, received even more atten­tion than the ori­ginal one.

Crystal Castles play angry game not only in music. They bor­rowed the logo of Chanel fash­ion house and turned it into a joke, they also bor­rowed a draw­ing of Madonna, cre­ated by Trevor Brown and without any per­mis­sion, prin­ted it onto Crystal Castles T-​shirts then sold them dur­ing con­certs… They choose rebel­lion. Against what? Against the empty pop­u­lar cul­ture, against spark­ling photo ses­sions, acted out music. Today’s elec­tronic punks. On pur­pose cre­at­ing brain-​grating songs, hid­ing in black hoods and col­or­ing their eyes. Hated by most they are here def­in­itely not to be liked.

Kristina Alijošiūtė
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