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Once, I was spend­ing bor­ing and quite cold even­ing in London. I was lazily check­ing out dozens of blank web­sites. Even though all of them stated that it is cre­at­ive, it would not con­vince me… As always, my friend Aleksander luck­ily suc­ceeded to find some­thing really fas­cin­at­ing on the Web first! Well, today it is always about fil­ter­ing, so either you learn to do it your­self, or you know the right per­son. I was lucky enough to find pas­ted Sofar Sounds link on my screen. I got into it from the first second I read about ini­ti­at­ive. Secret gigs, live music in the liv­ing room, inde­pend­ent, young bands — that is what I needed! It made my happy even more when I remembered not so long ago atten­ded Red Hot Chilli Peppers con­cert (crush of my teen­age years). It actu­ally was sad to watch your favour­ite band from far away in this huge O2 Arena, being guarded by this tired secur­ity — no dance, do not leave your place, please, do not walk, stand still! Like an army, really.. So, bring­ing music back to people? Yes, please!

I was curi­ous, so I registered for a first gig. It is not so easy to get a place, as the num­ber of quests is lim­ited and there are a lot of people will­ing to get in. Yes, it is secret, but the word of mouth has done its bit. While regis­ter­ing you get on a wait­ing list and if you are accep­ted (usu­ally organ­izers ask you some ques­tions before), one or two days in advance you will get a secret address! Tempting, right? But wait, enough of my talk, lets listen for Rafe Offer, who star­ted all this secret affair and agreed to give me an inter­view. Thank you Rafe!

It was a pleas­ure to attend a secret gig organ­ized by Sofar in London, firstly it is really inter­est­ing how this, I even would call a move­ment of bring­ing people together to enjoy music star­ted? What was your very begin­ning, who was behind all of this?

I was at a London gig and talk­ing to a musi­cian named Dave Alexander about the state of new music today. It really bothered us that people were talk­ing at the gig. And we wanted to do what we could to help new musi­cians suc­ceed – espe­cially online – where it’s so easy to get lost. We both thought hey why don’t we do this some­where we can invite our friends and where every­one would respect the music? That turned out to be Dave’s house, where he played some new songs to 8 friends. Everyone was quiet – it was magic.

Another ques­tion would be how did you spread this idea? Was it the word of mouth, did you get the atten­tion from the press, or maybe the secrecy of events, the idea that not every­one can attend?

For a few months all word of mouth. Then Reuters did a story on what we were doing and it took off more. Once that happened, we had many more people want to come than we could fit. This kept it spe­cial – the size of the liv­ing room keep­ing it intim­ate – and us only able to fit in around 80 people.

As the secret gig always hap­pens in a home envir­on­ment and you always have the host, how do you actu­ally find people who would want to host the event? How many places you have vis­ited so far in London?

People who come love it so much they ask us to host a future one. We have been to 45 dif­fer­ent London homes!

I would like to ask what the ambi­tions of this social ini­ti­at­ive are, do you see your­self in the future as a label or maybe social enter­prise, or is it more an inspir­a­tional social move­ment, which main aim is to stay nonprofit?

We are not sure. It’s grow­ing so quickly – it’s now hard to keep up! It has been a hobby to date – now we are spend­ing some much time on it that we have to look for ways to earn money – to keep it grow­ing and some day pay ourselves a bit. We are start­ing to work out the details now.

Sofar organ­izes events in dif­fer­ent cit­ies around the world, how did you expand? What if some­body would like to start this concept in his city, can he con­tact you and collaborate?

I have a friend in Paris who heard what we were doing and loved the idea – so I went over there and with her, we put on a show. Soon after, Dave was in New York city and brought his gui­tar. When we found out musi­cian Marcus Foster was also there – they found a liv­ing room and played it (along with 2 other musi­cians). Both exper­i­ences had the same magic as the London events. So we knew it was a concept that could go anywhere.

If someone wants to bring Sofar to their city, just con­tact me and we’ll take it from there. The main thing is we need people who know their local music scene well – ideally they would be friends with some tal­en­ted musicians.

How would you describe the genre of music you present? Do you have cri­teria for cer­tain style of music? What about more exper­i­mental, sound art – could such musi­cians apply to play in your gig?

We are open to all music! We have had indie to folk to hip-​hop to elec­tronic loop­ing to spoken word, even opera. The liv­ing room tends to push us towards things that word acous­tic­ally but we are open to any­thing – espe­cially if it’s fresh and edgy in some way. And yes, ANY musi­cian can apply.

What do you think about the tra­di­tion of salon, which already star­ted in 17th cen­tury? Do you relate your events to this tra­di­tion; could we even call you con­tem­por­ary music salon?

We know that our idea is not a new one. In fact, the Salon was an inspir­a­tion for us invit­ing a lot of cre­at­ive people to be in the audi­ence. We want great music – but just as import­ant are hav­ing fun, warm and fas­cin­at­ing people there too. So the con­ver­sa­tions in between the music and the new friends made are life affirming.

I wish Rafe and Sofar Sounds all the best luck! It is great ini­ti­at­ive, I loved the feel­ing being there, I believe it will grow even more!

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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  • Rob Frische
    June 13, 2012
    8:03 am

    Rocky is a good friend of mine and he def­in­itely has the vis­ion and ambi­tion to turn this into a world wide phe­nomenon, I can’t wait to see how it grows from here!