Ryan McGinley: I Know Where the Summer Goes

When I saw some frag­ments of R. McGinley’s art show which opened yes­ter­day in New York, I unin­ten­tion­ally star­ted hear­ing Patti Smith in my head, feel warm rays of sun on my skin and see a faded land­scape through my eyes slightly open… wind, speed, free­dom, high­way and many more things that warm up your heart and makes it beat faster. Summer is com­ing, and while wait­ing for it this kind of art show really lifts up the mood.

For his hol­i­day of sum­mer 2007 R. McGinley has found 16 mod­els and left for so called road trip. As an inspir­a­tion for the trip, he chose 60’s — 70’s style and nud­ist magazines of that time. During the trip, he used about 4000 cam­era films and took about 150 000 shots from which 50 were selec­ted for the art show named, as you have already read it in the title, –I Know Where the Summer Goes.

Looking at these pic­tures, you can’t help but feel indis­put­able free­dom and I don’t mean shed­ding of the clothes. In much of these pho­to­graphs, there are no com­pos­i­tional dog­mas. It is broken for pur­pose. By spon­tan­eously imit­at­ing ama­teur fix­a­tion of travel moments, it lib­er­ates and makes the whole view more vivid.

If you aren’t indif­fer­ent to J. Kerouac and nos­tal­gia of past dec­ades I think R. McGinley’s col­lec­tion will attract you and affect you, at least a little bit. And if you will not run away with your friends to some adven­ture this sum­mer, maybe you will loosen up a bit in the park nearby dur­ing sunny even­ing listen­ing to Patti Smith with pho­to­graphs of this author burnt into your memory.

That’s it. I hope this sum­mer will be generous.

Author’s web­site here.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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