F**k thats good? Or, not good enough?

Recently, I got a chance to attend an event organ­ized by Creative Social col­lect­ive, aim­ing to pro­mote the cre­at­ive industry, to inspire and to edu­cate. Well, the thing, which caught my atten­tion was its shout­ing head­line ‘F**k thats good. What’s turn­ing us on right now’ as well as its bold nicely made poster. Honestly, this was my first time get­ting to know Creative Social events, ideas and activ­it­ies. So, here I was, ready to listen what is turn­ing us on!


Usually, while attend­ing event I am going to write about, I try to hear the gos­sips and par­ti­cip­ate in these informal moments when people dis­cuss what they heard and what they did or did not like. As I was lucky to get a seat in the front and sit with some industry pro­fes­sion­als, I was for­tu­nate to get some opinions.

Firstly, some of the remarks I heard was that the major­ity of audi­ence is quite young, which is cel­eb­rated and at the same time shows the part­ner­ship between Creative Social and Bucks University. However, some of us doubted if the con­tent will cer­tainly be about the industry, present­ing some deeper approach and explorations.

It turned out that cre­at­ive industry drivers at the moment are space and stars, e-​shopping, oppos­ites, sex affairs, FUCK, Arab Spring, medi­ation and vari­ous com­bin­a­tions of it all.


I would say, that some of the talks were quite enjoy­able and funny, iron­ic­ally tar­get­ing con­tro­ver­sial examples and industry affairs. At the same time, after first few talks one could feel a little bit bored as so called inspir­a­tional con­tent was remind­ing most of cas­ual Pecha Kucha style talks and examples which been viral already, were explored and even for­got­ten. Although it was pleas­ant to remem­ber them again and get new per­spect­ive, some audi­ence was already turn­ing impa­tient, will­ing to get more insight and trends instead of a lot of jokes and life stories.

One of my favour­ites was Sanky’s talk about oppos­ites. Even though he inspir­ingly described the book, which I gave as a present for my little sister’s birth­day a few years ago, some of his remarks and stor­ies about love affairs between cre­at­ives were amus­ing and eye catching.

In con­trast, the poorest talk was given by Christine Turner and Simon Lloyd, who tried to describe the import­ance of storytelling and even tell one them­selves. Nobody got their story in the end.

C. Turner and S. Lloyn

Patrick Collister, was last to talk and looked slightly irrit­ated by incon­sist­ent slide flow. He was extremely enthu­si­astic about his topic, but at the same time his speech felt cliché and reminded so many TED talks. You can change the world! Go for it! Internet is great! This was kind of present­a­tion he gave. Again, given examples were enter­tain­ing and worth atten­tion, but I sup­pose every­body, work­ing in the industry has already explored them long time ago. At least if you are digital savvy and check­ing recent news on cre­at­ive plat­forms and blogs. It some­how seemed to be truly hon­est present­a­tion, but in the end, it turned out a little bit over the top.

P. Collister

I might sound whin­ing right now, but, hon­estly, I expec­ted a little bit more. Digital, social and cre­at­ive is a hot buzz right now, spread­ing its memes and get­ting crowds together. However, as there are more and more people will­ing to talk, con­sult and embrace their thoughts, it is get­ting extremely chal­len­ging to fil­ter real insights and inform­a­tion from quite vague ones.

I believe that such events are truly much needed at the moment. It is impress­ive to have a crowd of young­sters enthu­si­ast­ic­ally attend­ing them, dream­ing of get­ting their exper­i­ence, and develop per­sonal career. At the same time, some­how it would be fant­astic if pro­fes­sion­als would put a little bit more effort to pre­pare their present­a­tions and mix their per­sonal life stor­ies (which of course we all find amaz­ing) with deeper insight and use­ful inform­a­tion about the industry. In the end, cre­at­ive indus­tries are highly com­pet­it­ive and stim­u­lat­ing field and there are, I sup­pose, a little bit more fuck­ing fas­cin­at­ing and driv­ing ideas than just per­sonal hob­bies and desires. We all have stor­ies but lets talk about the greatest ones!

Anyway, thanks to organ­izers for put­ting an effort and gath­er­ing us all together, LBI spaces and hos­pit­al­ity was incred­ible and all even­ing went remark­ably smoothly and was well organ­ized. Keep it up!

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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