Talking with Ramilas about Studio Sound Studies UK

Hello, Ramilas, it is very nice to talk with you for a little bit about your learn­ing exper­i­ence, so tell me how did you choose Live and Studio Sound stud­ies? What was your main motiv­a­tion exactly select­ing Southampton Solent University?

Hey ya, well just before high school gradu­ation I applied to SAE insti­tute first of all. I thought that would be the best place to learn everything what is related to audio and mak­ing records. Unfortunately, I find out that tuition fees are the way to expens­ive (around 10k per year 3 years ago) and the course was only for 2 years… So I end up look­ing for a cheaper solu­tion. My main cri­teria was facil­it­ies and equip­ment that can uni­ver­sity provide. I didn’t look on uni­ver­sity rat­ing lists. Solent University had a large equip­ment list plus many dif­fer­ent pro­file stu­dios that I thought would be the best place to study. There are many uni­ver­sit­ies around UK that got high rank­ings but don’t have as much equip­ment as Solent Uni does. So I chose to study at Southampton Solent University just because I provided what I need and I never regret.


Creative indus­tries, as well as the music industry, are con­sidered to be pre­cari­ous and very com­pet­it­ive fields, what do you think about it?

Its get­ting harder and harder to get into the enter­tain­ment industry. Technology and inter­net changed all enter­tain­ment busi­ness and people have to adapt and that means there are new oppor­tun­it­ies for people who are bright and innov­at­ive. If people want to be suc­cess­ful in this busi­ness they have to make everything by them­selves instead of wait­ing for someone giv­ing them a job. Thats the beauty of it.

Regarding your dis­cip­line con­tent, how is it organ­ized, can you tell us more about it? How would you explain Live and Studio Sound for some­body who is not famil­iar with it?

Well my dis­cip­line is really geeky hon­estly. Thought is related to music and sound its really sci­entific. Its all about skills, ears and know­ledge to make things hap­pen. I’m not study­ing how to play with gui­tar or how to write a sym­phony but I know how to make aver­age gui­tar player to sound like a pro and how to make orches­tra record­ing to sound that is play­ing in front of you. My dis­cip­line is all about mak­ing things sound best as pos­sible. Its all geeky stuff. If you’ve seen some videos where artists per­forms in the stu­dio and some ran­dom bloke con­trols mix­ing con­sole (that large peace of equip­ment with zil­lion but­tons) then you can guess that I’m that ran­dom guy who con­trols stu­dio equip­ment lol.

Recording ses­sion at Uni

Comparing music stud­ies and prac­tices to other coun­tries such as United States or European coun­tries, do you think it is more bene­fi­cial choose to study in UK than any other coun­try? Or is it not a big dif­fer­ence to you?

I believe its cru­cial to study this kind of things at places where this industry is big. Thats the reason, why I moved in UK. There are way more oppor­tun­it­ies to make your dreams come true.

How would you relate your study exper­i­ence with real­ity, do you think you will be able to use skills you gained to you career opportunities?

Absolutely, I’m happy that I’ve chose to study in the Solent University rather than SAE insti­tute. I’ve learned so much. My course covered such a wide scope of skills that I feel con­fid­ent wherever I would go in this industry. It provided everything what I need to stay object­ive and professional.

There are some pro­fes­sion­als in the music industry who claim what it is more bene­fi­cial just to go and work in the industry instead of tak­ing three years course. What is your opin­ion about that?

Its abso­lutely true. I would say there is no point going to uni­ver­sity and study music or some­thing like that if you expect that uni will teach you how to be a pro­fes­sional and even­tu­ally give you a job. That would never hap­pen. To be a pro­fes­sional it takes more than a 3year course.. I chose uni because I could have access to equip­ment and everything what I need to learn by myself. Getting intern­ship some­where its best route to start your car­rier. And dip­loma in this industry doesn’t mean any­thing at all. Its all about con­nec­tions and skills. I’ve got a friend who never had any exper­i­ence with sound but he had his mum who had con­nec­tions and he got a decent intern­ship just because of that.

We would like to ask about draw­backs of your study related exper­i­ence, do you have any cri­ti­cism, opin­ion about how some things could be changed in the course? What would it be?

Well my uni­ver­sity provided everything what I need so I can’t com­plain. There are a few stu­dents who com­plains about the course but thats lazy people who expects that someone will teach them things that they have to learn by them­selves. Some stu­dents got access to really high end stu­dios and a huge lib­rary filled with any book you need and tutors who can give you advice on any­thing you might need and they still com­plain but thats what sep­ar­ates me from them. I know what to do in a stu­dio they don’t. They spend days going out and com­plain­ing about a course I spend my time in the stu­dio and I know far more than them.

University facil­it­ies

Do you think the fees of the courses in UK are worth its qual­ity and con­tent? What is your opin­ion about a recent increase to 9000 per year for BA?

Well, when fees were just over 3k a year it was abso­lutely fine. But now I don’t see any reason to pay for media course 9k per year. I would rather spend 9k on equip­ment that I need to start in this industry and get intern­ship some­where. That would be most logical and prac­tical thing to do.

Tell us a little bit about the pro­jects, prac­tices you work with at the moment, why do you like/​do not like it?

I am work­ing on quite big pro­jects at the moment. I’ve recor­ded with some friends an orches­tra that was filmed in 3D and I’m plan­ing to mix it in sur­round as well as ambison­ics in a real cinema envir­on­ment. Eventually it will be presen­ted for pub­lic at our uni private 3D cinema. I’ve recor­ded some really tal­en­ted musi­cians and plan­ing to press some record­ings that I’ve done on to vinyl and tape as well as make high end DVD-​A and SACD stuff. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on. I’m just try­ing in fill up my port­fo­lio with work that usu­ally other people never did and stay unique.

University facil­it­ies

What kind of music/​sound art are you inter­ested in? Do you famil­i­ar­ize your­self with any par­tic­u­lar style, his­tor­ical period or media?

I star­ted get­ting into music because of hip hop. I’m still fan of it but more I learn about music and how its pro­duced more I start get­ting inter­ested into funk/​soul music or jazz. Hip Hop music brought me into record­ing stu­dio envir­on­ment when I was 16 years old. Since then I was more inter­ested into mak­ing records and tech­nical side rather than being an artist. Now after six years I changed my musical taste com­pletely. I don’t care about music genres any­more as long it got some­thing inter­est­ing that makes me want to press play again and again.

What would you sug­gest other young cre­at­ives, con­sid­er­ing to study music related courses in UK? Any tips, mis­takes bet­ter not to be done?

My biggest sug­ges­tion would be to get their atti­tude right. Be friendly, hard work­ing and always will­ing to learn some­thing and don’t be a prick in gen­eral (sorry for that). I’ve seen many engin­eers like me who just tells to artists (you sound hor­rible do this and that..) people need to learn how to make cli­ents feel com­fort­able and get best res­ult as pos­sible without mak­ing every­one upset. I can tell that from my per­sonal experience.

Working with BBC, stu­dent project

What about the area you live, does it have fas­cin­at­ing music scene, inde­pend­ent labels, under­ground scene?

Well, my town is most fam­ous because of one artist prob­ably. Its Craig David. He was from Southampton. In gen­eral, there are lots of people who make music here but still I find it dif­fi­cult to get what I want without get­ting artists into the stu­dio from London.

Thank you, Ramilas!

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