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Tiana Markova-​Gold attrac­ted me with her per­sonal approach to the pho­to­graphed object, which in her pho­tos, through a par­tic­u­lar cosy present­a­tion, becomes an old friend or just a human being. It is someone who’s not so far away from you and it doesn’t mat­ter what dis­tance or social divide would sep­ar­ate you. All that is left is what’s most import­ant, what is in a human being, in his per­son­al­ity. A single photo by T. Markova-​Gold can tell more than the whole autobiography.

The first “story” that pushed me to become inter­ested in this author is called Jenna. It’s a photo story about a higher class pros­ti­tute, how­ever, it’s not like any story that I am used to hear and see. Here it is not attemp­ted to emphas­ize the dark and sad every­day life of a woman, who is selling her body for money. On the con­trary, everything is con­versely covered with the aura of inner calmness and pride in her profession.

Unpacking in a Miami hotel

I was anxious to drop off my clothes and walk around naked! I hate winter almost more than any­thing else. – Jenna

The pho­tos are enriched by short quotes from Jenna’s thoughts and memor­ies. The present­a­tion of such cycle, the per­spect­ive of the pho­tos them­selves and the fram­ing in a way to con­vert the viewer into a cup of tea, a pen lying on the table or the host­ess watch­ing from the lamp above. Such angle of sight simply puts us in the life of the char­ac­ter and we unavoid­ably become wit­nesses of her intim­ate life moments.

I think that every one of us has at least once thought about how inter­est­ing it would be to become unnotice­able. One could secretly, at least with the corner of the eye, see the life of a com­pletely relaxed man, without the every­day mask that one cre­ates for friends, enemies, even for the closest people. It’s sur­pris­ing to what way T. Markova-​Gold man­ages to inter­com­mu­nic­ate with her mod­els and to con­vey their free­dom breath­ing lives so well.

So far T. Markova-​Gold has vis­ited a lot of coun­tries, from coun­tries in Southern and South-​Eeastern Asia, in the Middle East to European coun­tries, the Caribbean and even African coun­tries. Such young woman’s life style has widened her hori­zon and also encour­aged her to monu­ment­al­ize all this in some way. Yes, T. Markova-​Gold star­ted pho­to­graph­ing simply for her travel album. However, again, the recog­ni­tion came through friends. One photographer’s friend, work­ing in a magazine, was fas­cin­ated by the girl’s travel pho­tos and pub­lished them. In May last year the author was awar­ded “The Best Student Book” nom­in­a­tion in the New York pho­to­graphy festival.

Women are the main char­ac­ters in T. Makova-Gold’s pho­tos. Another emo­tion­ally strong photo ses­sion by her was the moments of New York pros­ti­tutes’ life. This brave girl was wan­der­ing alone in dark and dan­ger­ous areas of the city, inter­viewed girls work­ing there. This way she was get­ting closer to them. After a long period of time they let her into their envir­on­ment and lives. I think it’s a great example of how a pho­to­grapher has to have not only a good eye but also a cha­ris­matic and hon­est per­son­al­ity so that a model would trust him and would open up to him.

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