From 7000 to Saatchi. Tadas Vidmantas

Text by Sigita Rudaitytė

It was a spe­cial day. The one, which reminded us what the sun, warm wind and crowded streets full of people going just for a walk means. Everybody was relaxed and amazed by such an early begin­ning of a new sea­son. ‘It is finally spring!’ I heard some­body shout­ing in the tube, on the train that took me to the Earls Court sta­tion. Tadas Vidmantas was the artist who I was going to meet there. Tadas was a per­son from a Lithuanian town of seven thou­sand cit­izens and man­aged to reach one of the lead­ing advert­ising com­pan­ies in the world.

Early even­ing was the time, when I recog­nized this guy with a smile on his face com­ing towards me, wait­ing in a busy street near Costa in his local area. This café was the place where I had an inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion with him.

Two medium lattes, please’ was the begin­ning of our jour­ney. ‘I am a lucky per­son,’ he smiled and his story began.

Everything star­ted when my father asked me to sketch a table. Even though my draw­ing was of a dif­fi­cult shape to make, it was ready in a month. It looked exactly the same as the one in my sketch, wry and uneven…’ It inspired Tadas and let him real­ize that it was pos­sible to cre­ate things. That gave the start to the begin­ning of graphic design, which he stud­ied at Vilnius Academy of Arts straight after fin­ish­ing school in Sirvintos.

Since the time when Tadas star­ted stud­ies his life changed sharply. ‘Vilnius was like my dream city,’ he began, and while liv­ing in this cap­ital city with a bunch of other stu­dents this artistic per­son man­aged to achieve a lot and made a good start for his career. He began cre­at­ing short, poin­ted and ironic films.

Somebody will def­in­itely notice you, if you do things you like the most,’ he con­tin­ued and told the story that took us back a couple years to his life in Vilnius.

Film ‘Apple of life’

Within a couple of years after his gradu­ation he moved to London. ‘Firstly, I felt sim­il­arly as when I moved from Sirvintos to Vilnius,’ he laughed.’ I moved to London at the end of 2010 but I still feel a bit of a stranger here.’ After Tadas said so, the first idea that struck me was that Tadas moved here because of the job in M&C Saatchi, but I was wrong. Furthermore, when I asked if it was hard to get it and how he suc­ceeded in reach­ing it, his answer was unex­pec­ted. ‘No, not at all,’ Tadas replied. ‘Once I was asked to help with a few advert­ising ideas by a guy who worked for Saatchi. So we met in the same Costa as we are sit­ting now and we brain­stormed. It worked well,’ and with a smile on his face he con­tin­ued ‘and later he man­aged to con­vince his boss that he needed a part­ner, so I was invited to come for an inter­view. That’s it.’ But after I asked about his cur­rent job and career there he said ‘I don’t work there any­more, they offered me a place after a trial period, but I rejec­ted it. I didn’t like what they wanted from me, how I felt there. It’s not for me,’ he fin­ished. I won’t lie, I was sur­prised, and when I men­tioned that ‘so many people dream about this job and you have rejec­ted it,’ he uttered his idea that inspired me the most. ‘It means so many people think in the wrong way, you don’t have to dream about work­ing for somebody’s Saatchi, you have to desire for your own Saatchi,’ and that’s how we ended this topic.

Our medium lattes got cold, and after say­ing good­bye I was sit­ting on the same train, just this time I was going home inspired and with a smile on my face. I real­ized that this ambi­tious freel­ance artist has big viable future plans and works for his own good. He is not afraid and seeks his for­tune work­ing on short term pro­jects. He never regrets any­thing and takes everything he can from life. He enjoys liv­ing, as we all should do.

More works here.

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