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Pablo Wendel — artist of younger gen­er­a­tion, yet to be involved with crit­ics or defined with con­cep­tual bound­ar­ies described by cur­at­ors, but he already attrac­ted a lot of atten­tion from mass media, social net­works and took part in some of most recog­nized gal­ler­ies and exhib­i­tions ( Bloomberg Contemporaries 2010, Saatchi best gradu­ate awards ). The reason behind all this atten­tion most prob­ably lies behind his wit and accur­ate raillery. His per­form­ances are spread­ing in speed of light and quickly becom­ing of “must see” type.

One of the best known per­form­ances, prob­ably shown on most of big­ger coun­tries’ tele­vi­sion chan­nels and writ­ten about in news­pa­pers, was sta­ging of Terracotta war­rior in China’s archi­tec­tural her­it­age exhibit. Pablo him­self dis­guised as one of the war­ri­ors just stood still there amongst legendary her­oes. Sure enough China’s dictatorship-​like Police didn’t like it one bit, so young man, who wasn’t react­ing to ques­tions and urging to leave, was just car­ried out of battlefield.

But this is not a sole per­form­ance of this guy, so let’s talk about his other work.

Terracotta warior
Fish’s flight

One of more inter­est­ing per­form­ances was done in Norway and it’s all about fly­ing fishes. Artist attached fish­hook to a helium bal­loon and tied it to anchor, so bal­loon wouldn’t fly away. When fish finally took a bait (after 4 hours), knot untied and fish flew above the sur­face of water. In video com­ment­ary we can hear artist him­self talk­ing about fly­ing fishes and feel­ing when fish, who all its life lived under water, is forced to become air­borne. I won­der did fish sur­vived after this kind of flight or is it its last adventure…

Swimming in shit

Another per­form­ance, which I thought was pretty cour­ageous, was done in China, where artist took a dive into sewer after which he decided to take a walk around the city. It’s prob­ably obvi­ous enough that he was all wet and smelled of feces. “Dressed up” like this he walked into vari­ous shops and finally tried to hail a cab to go home, unfor­tu­nately without any suc­cess. Taxi drivers didn’t want such cli­ent, so he had to walk for three hours.

Staircase between uni­ver­sity and squat

This object is as witty as oth­ers. Pablo stud­ies at Royal College of Art master’s stud­ies pro­gram. In this pic­ture we can see stairs that almost became Pablo’s thesis. Its main point was to design con­nect­ing space (stairs) between uni­ver­sity and his res­id­ence. His res­id­ence near uni­ver­sity was chosen by a bit sur­prise when he decided to squat in fish & chips restaurant’s ware­house, near the college.

He just took over the ware­house, cleaned it, settled and finally con­struc­ted the stairs con­nect­ing to col­lege. Student hoped to live there until his thesis was fin­ished and presen­ted. Unfortunately, col­lege per­son­nel didn’t like the stairs, and it was decon­struc­ted on basis it being not safe and dan­ger­ous. However owner of the res­taur­ant, when he found out about occu­pant and listened to his story, was quite reasonable.

This work is from earlier phase of his cre­at­ive work and it shows Pablo’s sculpt­ing skills. Sculpture was cre­ated in his own image and was placed in route near Vilnius. Unfortunately, it’s faith is unknown, maybe we should try to con­tact author about it. But know­ing how act­ive this route is, it is likely that this hitch­hiker got a lot of atten­tion from passing by drivers.

Young artist’s works from first sight can look like jokes that are easy to under­stand, but they can be widely inter­preted and has subtle implic­a­tions. In my opin­ion, his latest works are the most valu­able. The earli­est ones catches your eye, but is more of the stu­dent or search­ing for your­self thing. However in cre­at­ive works of Paul Wendel it is import­ant to view them as a whole – in series and sequences, not as sep­ar­ate works. It is because one sol­it­ary work picked up from port­fo­lio can look more like one of many you­tube jokes (this I have wit­nessed myself dur­ing art show at Bloomberg Contemporaries, where artist’s per­form­ance video dis­solved in mass of 49 authors). For those who want to under­stand gen­eral style of artist, his way of think­ing and dia­log with spec­tator, it is import­ant to take time and ana­lyze artist’s port­fo­lio. These works are linked tightly with pho­to­graphy, where sequence is one of most import­ant val­ues. Only lim­ited num­ber of people catches sight of live per­form­ance, while in exhib­i­tion you can see doc­u­mented version.

It is very dis­ap­point­ing, that author him­self doesn’t have a web page and while search­ing for inform­a­tion about his cre­at­ive works, you have to sift through vari­ous art­icles, frag­ments and forums.

In any way looks like angle dis­covered by Pablo, his ideas and reproach has its envir­on­ment and prob­ably in couple of years we will see even more inter­est­ing actions, per­form­ances and sculp­tures. It would be fun to wit­ness Pablo Wendel’s exhib­i­tion with more con­text and more ser­i­ous­ness in its works.

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