Pick Me Up 2012 Humble Opinion With sh** loads of Pictures

I was stand­ing in a centre of the Somerset House exhib­i­tion hall pre­par­ing my mind and eyes to con­sume vast assort­ment of the biggest illus­tra­tion fair of the year. As I stood with my eyes shut this annoy­ing feel­ing of déjà vu at last began to fade and was fully dis­rup­ted by the smell of saus­age. Yes. This was my second time at Pick Me Up, and one imme­di­ate dif­fer­ence I noticed was smell… “Previews are funny” I though to myself, some smell of cheap vine or sweat or mould, some reek with over­power­ing per­fume. “Sausages are ori­ginal” I thought again and took one passing me on a plate. I real­ised I was hungry not only for some juicy art.

As a designer I was instantly pleased with beau­ti­fully designed brand­ing of this years fear. I skipped over­crowded bar full of net­work­ing skinny, col­our­ful indi­vidu­als, most of whom wore hats. “Don’t trust people with hats in a flat.” — per­sonal super­sti­tion. Could be a good set­ting for an illus­tra­tion. No?

Walls were full of art, I was skep­tical. Year before I was quite dis­ap­poin­ted with selec­tion, so was not so hyped about it this year as well. But strangely it was good, I would lie if I say I liked every peace, but that is not the point is it? I was impressed by vari­ety of tech­niques and styles, which did not have same “trendy” stamp on them as last years exhib­its. This years fair was actu­ally show­cas­ing some­thing fresh and delight­ful. Wall after wall, room after room I have enjoyed, dif­fer­ent nation­al­it­ies, styles and themes.

So it is time to wrap it up. Overal I loved the meat…by which I mean illus­tra­tions, and strongly advice you to visit this fair “pick some­thing up” and buy shit out of it. Support the artists and… you know the rest. I am serious.

P.S. “Pick Me Up” guys third year already eh? Maybe it is time to think about a kick ass web­site, that Somerset House one does not fit your size. Send us a note if you are interested.

iPad mad­ness

Not so pop­u­lar corner of the exhib­i­tion hall

Pure Evil gave a visit as well

Personal Fav

Still try­ing to fig­ure out secret pop­ular­ity potion
Days you can pick

You know where you are, you know what to do


Beautiful grid

Aleksandr Pasevin
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