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I can­not restrain myself from shar­ing my new­est dis­cov­ery with you, which will hope­fully pro­voke shivers to run down your spine, or at least brighten your day. If that hap­pens, my mis­sion today is accomplished.

Here goes Dry The River, rep­res­ent­at­ives of a pop­u­lar genre, who have decided to express them­selves in a “pas­toral” way. The cir­cum­stances and coin­cid­ences for the greatest events to hap­pen are unfore­see­able, and their com­bin­a­tions can­not be planned. What kind of a res­ult could have been expec­ted from a home­less punk rock drum­mer, writ­ing songs in Norwegian, get­ting inspir­a­tion from his Alma Mater — medi­cine and anthro­po­logy, and an edu­cated viol­in­ist? Nobody could have expec­ted, thanks to crazy XXI century‘s cir­cum­stances for allow­ing that to hap­pen. And let‘s rejoice in that.


Carefully selec­ted notes and rhythm, like a fra­gile thread, ball up and form a rich roll of sounds. A del­ic­ate touch to every sound and com­bin­a­tion awakens a relent­less desire to see these guys’ live ses­sion. In London that is quite easy, as one can hear them in ordin­ary, low crowded pubs and small cosy con­cert halls.

After the first accords have rung out, the rumble of a train, widely used by the musi­cians of this genre, is most likely to be heard. But DTR’s lyr­ics con­tain ques­tions and pro­pos­i­tions, rel­ev­ant to the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion. This dis­tinct­ive point is where I‘m about to leave you on your own with Dry The River. Now choose yourself.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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