Everything is in your head: Magma Architecture

What does a single per­son require in order to dis­so­ci­ate his thoughts from the envir­on­ment and engross with some­thing else? With some new world and a new envir­on­ment? Magma Architecture has decided, that the simplest way to do this is to provide your mind with dif­fer­ent space: then everything changes and vis­ion is not con­strained with plenty of unne­ces­sary objects, which our envir­on­ment is usu­ally full of. Consequently, our vis­ion con­cen­trates on most import­ant things and in this instance it is shape, mater­ial and imagery of an artist.

This install­a­tion could have been viewed in con­tem­por­ary art, pho­to­graphy and archi­tec­ture museum in Berlin. Having an elab­or­ated title IN/​IM KOPF/​In Head install­a­tion is up for explor­ing pecu­li­ar­it­ies of mater­ial, col­our, light and shape. An object is made from orange fab­ric attached to ceil­ing, floor and walls. This com­pon­ent is clearly dis­tin­guished in the con­text of exhib­i­tion and it shapes a space for a vis­itor to put his head inside and in this way bend to tinier details.

A vis­itor crouches down, puts his head into a hole of the orange fab­ric and then he is able to view draw­ings, mod­els and pho­to­graphs dis­played in the exhib­i­tion. These showpieces were wired and all made by Magma Architecture. Project was cre­ated by Anke Noske, Hendrik Bohle, Dominik Jörg, Lena Kleinsheine, Ksenia Kagler, Yohko Mizushima, Lena Kleinheinz, Martina Osterman and Ben Reynolds. Of course, it’s quite dif­fi­cult to ima­gine this install­a­tion, per­haps the video will help you out.

Magma was estab­lished in 2003 by Martin Osterman and Lena Kleinheinz. The former is espe­cially fam­ous for her exper­i­ments, fresh ideas as well as cre­ativ­ity. This pro­ject proves it well and I hope you will enjoy it.

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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