The Taste of Paris and Apocalypse

Right before your eyes are illus­tra­tions from Paris. Ordinary people have always called Paris a cap­ital of art; snobs at least admit­ted that it had its style. Julien Pacaud is real Parisian: he was born and grew up there. Who knows, maybe it was this city which had most influ­ence upon sur­real­istic world he cre­ates. His illus­tra­tions often have notes or even full blown stor­ies, which explain the mean­ings of abnor­mal events.

Left: exper­i­ments on young hab­it­ats of earth

Author cre­ates these digital col­lages using cut-​outs from old news­pa­pers and magazines. Artist con­fesses that he likes a lot to cre­ate these par­al­lel worlds using such ingredi­ents as humor, a bit of retro futur­ism and a pinch of “happy apocalypse”.

Firstly these col­lages draw atten­tion of the eye with their color and almost imme­di­ately con­quer brain with its imagery. It makes you inter­pret, decode sym­bols and per­ceive what is really hap­pen­ing. Notes one weirder than another makes you pause for a couple of sights, until you real­ize that in order to com­pre­hend it, you need to see more.

Left: Robert and Carl Helium had to spend their lives tied with rope. In their house all the fur­niture was attached to the ceil­ing. Celebrating fiftieth birth­day broth­ers decided to free them­selves and travel the wide world.

Julien Pacuad was born in 1972, stud­ied cine­ma­to­graphy in Paris. Later with fried Jean– Christophe Sanchez he opened stu­dio and began cre­at­ing unique works which he tried to apply to as much fields (like cinema, music and other art) as he could. Now author cooper­ates with vari­ous com­pan­ies, cre­ates posters, post­cards, illus­tra­tions for magazines, designs CD sleeves and even takes photographs.

More of happy apo­ca­lypse can be found here.

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