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Hello, Alice, it is very nice to talk with you for a little bit about your learn­ing exper­i­ence, so tell me, how did you choose Printmaking stud­ies? What was your main motiv­a­tion, for select­ing Camberwell College of Arts?

Alice Valentina Biga: Hello, it’s a pleas­ure for me to be help­ful. Printmaking became part of my life in 2006, when I star­ted my BA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy. Before that I have been study­ing Art at High School for five years, but Printmaking sub­ject was not included at all. I choose to under­take a way that was com­pletely unknown to me: etch­ing, mainly because of its alchemic side. Camberwell College of Arts amazed me when I first vis­ited on an open day in 2010: the Printmaking workshop’s facil­it­ies are some­thing quite rare to find some­where else in this coun­try and in the coun­try where I am from: Italy; there­fore, because I knew I wanted to keep on study print­mak­ing, I applied hop­ing to have the great oppor­tun­ity to use those facilities.

Creative indus­tries as well as the visual design are con­sidered to be pre­cari­ous and very com­pet­it­ive fields, what do you think about it?

I do agree with that state­ment and I am also con­scious and scared about that world; scared because the com­pet­i­tion is about money and fame, whom can eas­ily kill or deform the inten­tion and pur­ity of (a piece) of Art.

Regarding your dis­cip­line con­tent, how is it organ­ized, can you tell us more about it? How would you explain Printmaking for some­body, who is not famil­iar with it?

I am enrolled as a FULL TIME MA, which is organ­ized in 3 Units. Students have access to the work­shop three times a week, plus one lec­ture a week; twice a month there is a tour in gal­ler­ies with our course leader or a visit to the prints room at Tate Britain or V&A; tutori­als are once a month plus cri­tique groups which some­times are also self-​organized by stu­dents. The object­ive is a final exhib­i­tion at the end of the aca­demic year (September 2012), but dur­ing the course we are encour­aged to be pro­duct­ive, to exper­i­ment, to research and make the most of it. Theory is import­ant, so we have a few essays to write as well. Printmaking includes all those tech­niques (etch­ing, wood­cut, litho­graphy, let­ter­press and screen– print­ing ) that pro­duce a series made by one mat­rix. Each of these tech­niques works in its own dif­fer­ent way, but they also have many com­mons stages. I would sug­gest this really well made web­site which clearly explains print­mak­ing in a funny way!

Comparing visual arts stud­ies and prac­tices to other coun­tries, such as United States or European coun­tries, do you think it is more bene­fi­cial to choose study­ing in UK than any other coun­try? Or is it not a big dif­fer­ence to you?

My exper­i­ence to study in UK is being more than pos­it­ive, so I would sug­gest Camberwell College of Arts as a great College to study Printmaking, but I know there are great Colleges where to study this sub­ject in Belgium, Germany and United States as well.

How would you relate your study exper­i­ence with real­ity, do you think you will be able to use skills you gained to you career opportunities?

I believe it will take time, but what this College is teach­ing me will surely be fun­da­mental for my career opportunities.

There are some pro­fes­sion­als in the design and visual arts industry, who claim what it is more bene­fi­cial just to go and work in the industry instead of tak­ing three years course. You are doing MA course already, what is your opin­ion regard­ing that statement?

I do agree with the fact, that a work­ing exper­i­ence in the industry can be more bene­fi­cial than a BA, but at the same time I would not be so select­ive; MA is also com­pletely dif­fer­ent from BA, it gives you the oppor­tun­ity to work beside it and you can organ­ize it fol­low­ing your own interests.

We would like to ask about draw­backs of your study related exper­i­ence. Do you have any cri­ti­cism, opin­ion about how some things could be changed in the course? What would it be?

Fortunately, I do not have any com­plains about my stud­ies at this College, surely because my stud­ies in Italy were so behind com­par­ing to how everything is organ­ized here.

Do you think the fees of the courses in UK are worth its qual­ity and con­tent? What is your opin­ion about recent increase to 9000 per year for BA?

I believe, that no course is worth £ 9000 per year, even the best organ­ized and struc­tured one. These fee increases are ridicu­lous: cul­ture should be meant as one of the most import­ant ele­ment in human being’s life, not a priv­ilege for just a few. People had fight against this in the past and now, as we know, his­tory is a circle and it is repeat­ing itself. Unfortunately, this situ­ation is spread­ing in many coun­tries in Europe, and Italy is one of those as well.

Tell us a little bit about the pro­jects, prac­tices you work with at the moment, why do you like/​do not like it?

My stud­ies are based on etch­ing, which I am try­ing to com­bine with my new researches: at the moment I am exper­i­ment­ing a new tech­nique (solar– plate) which I did not stud­ied in Italy, because it was not being taught. I would also like to com­bine etch­ing with a 3D influence.

What kind of visual arts are you inter­ested in? Do you famil­i­ar­ize your­self with any par­tic­u­lar style, his­tor­ical period or media?

My favor­ite ways of expres­sions are pho­to­graphy and etch­ing, but I recently dis­covered the poten­ti­al­ity of work­ing with install­a­tion, afte see­ing “Black Mirror”, a multi-​channel film install­a­tion by Doug Aitken at the Victoria Miro gal­lery. It made me under­stand, how dif­fer­ent media can work together and cre­ate an atmo­sphere, where the viewer is included and he is part of that atmo­sphere for a short time, being a really import­ant part of it.

What would you sug­gest other young cre­at­ives, con­sid­er­ing to study in UK? Any tips, mis­takes bet­ter not to be done?

I would def­in­itely sug­gest to a per­son that want to study Printmaking to apply at Camberwell College of Arts because is a great opportunity.

What about the area you live, does it have fas­cin­at­ing art scene, inde­pend­ent gal­ler­ies, etc ?

I live in Herne Hill, which is between Camberwell Green and Brixton, so I have the oppor­tun­ity to be close to many inter­est­ing areas. I know that South London starts to have more lively and act­ive art scene, which is really inter­est­ing and helpful.

Thank you for your time!

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