Útidúr — Icelandic Band that is not Sigur Rós

Don’t get me wrong I love Sigur Rós, actu­ally I love them so much that I was first in the queue to hear their new exclus­ive broad­cast of ‘val­tari’ recently. But I have just spent most amaz­ing week in Reykjavík and while explor­ing every inch of it my playl­ist was full of well known Icelandic bands includ­ing múm, gus gus, fm bel­fast, and of course björk. While spin­ning those tracks again and again on my player I wondered is there more? I knew there is so I asked the mighty inter­net and was not very sur­prised to find web­site called www​.iceland​icband​sthatar​enot​sig​ur​ros​.com. I must say It is very edu­ca­tional and witty and Icelandic. Nonetheless I strongly recom­mend to fol­low this odd char­ac­ter if you have any spapre time.

But back to the ini­tial topic and those guys in the pic­ture above. I found them by acci­dent, one of those “can’t trace back” acci­dents. Still it was a good surf. So they are called Útidúr (pro­nounced: ooh! — detour) and they are great. They use unique quirky voice ton­al­ity, unex­pec­ted for Iceland but pleas­ant “balkan” after­taste, awe­some instru­mental accom­pani­ment. Sometimes it feels like Beirut and Tiber Timbre mashed together with some Japanese romance song. Ok no more talk­ing, just listen and make your own mind. Yes. That is it.

Aleksandr Pasevin
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