Hong Kong Art Fair ’12


Asian art mar­ket is boom­ing and Hong Kong Art Fair made it clear once more. One of the biggest art events in Asia, bring­ing together 266 gal­ler­ies from 38 coun­tries around the world had some­thing for everyone.

Those, look­ing for fam­ous names could find works of XX cen­tury artists such as Matisse, Morandi, Giacometti, Baselitz, Bacon or Warhol as well as the most fam­ous con­tem­por­ary artists as Luc Tuymans, Bill Viola, Marlene Dumas, Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst or Richard Long, and that’s just to name a few. Others, inter­ested in lesser known estab­lished artists could find their way through smal­ler galleries.

Yayoi Kusama

Art HK was an inter­na­tional art fair with no doubts, hous­ing most fam­ous gal­ler­ies from dif­fer­ent con­tin­ents. However, Asian art was still the most dom­in­ant which provided vis­it­ors with a great chance to get to know it bet­ter. That does not hap­pen much in Western art fairs or exhibitions.

Painting, draw­ing and pho­to­graphy was the most pop­u­lar medi­ums as usual, but there was a lot of large scale sculp­tures, mixed media install­a­tions and video art. However, those did not have much luck in sales and would have looked much bet­ter without a num­ber of other unre­lated works around.

Shintaro Miyake

Sotheby’s, White Cube and Gagosian are already in Hong Kong. Other influ­en­tial Western gal­ler­ies are open­ing their branches and the city is becom­ing one of the most import­ant art hubs in the world. One could see it very clearly in Art HK which was full of rich and fam­ous sign­ing con­tracts for art­works worth mil­lions of dol­lars. Major sales, how­ever, was made to Asian col­lect­ors which indic­ates a huge growth of eco­nomic wealth in the area. Moreover, due to the suc­cess and increas­ing import­ance of the event, next year Art HK will be replaced by the first Hong Kong edi­tion of Art Basel. Yes, it’s def­in­itely time for Asia.

Yoshimoto Nara
Tom Wesselmann
Gideon Rubin
Barry X Ball
Kader Attia
Piotr Ukslanski
Sun Yuan & Peng Yu
Damien Hirst
Ai Weiwei
Mao Yan
Wang Sishun
Li Tianbing
Kang — Hoon
Lee Seahyun
Susan Collis
Qin Chong
Heman Chong
Erwin Wurm
Ghada Amer
Not Vital
Evan Penny
Shanzhia Sikander

Liu Xiaodong

J. Ariadhityia Pramuhendra
Masaya Chiba
U — Ram Choe
Rafael Lozano — Hemmer
Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan
Yan Pei — Ming
Luc Tuymans
Zhao Gang
Remy Markowitsch
Go Watanabe
Yan Heng
Ali Kazim
Mathew Sawyer
Li Wei
Kim Juree
Christof Mascher
Misaki Kawai
David Horvitz
Barnaby Hosking
Farhan Siki
Hu Liu
Aistė Stancikaitė
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