LCC Degree Show — visual siesta and bit of boredom

Well, it seems like London got proper sum­mer for at least few days, best time to go out, catch up with friends or just relax out­side — poor foot­ball fans who have to watch their matches indoors! Not being one, I spent this even­ing wan­der­ing around London College of Communication, which was explod­ing with dozens or even hun­dreds of stu­dents’ works! Occasion quite clear — the open­ing of Graphic & Media Degree show 2012. Ok, let’s jump to my short overview!

So, first of all the good points. Would say that the exhib­i­tion is worth vis­it­ing, if you are inter­ested in illus­tra­tion, graph­ics and visual lan­guage, you will find at least few inter­est­ing pieces. In gen­eral the level of the show is higher than aver­age and also very diverse. In one place you can stumble upon trendy comic books, anime char­ac­ters, pen­ises on the walls, inter­act­ive sculp­tures, sound art install­a­tions and cop­ies of Duchamp con­cepts locked in glass boxes. There also were enthu­si­astic girls present­ing per­form­ance about some­thing ‘deep’ and overly dra­matic, but I did not get what they wanted to say in the end. Am not sure if they going do it again, so you have to check before vis­it­ing. I found gam­ing and digital media corner quite inter­est­ing as well, but because we had just a few hours to see everything I only man­aged to play a few games, was fun though!

Well, and the weak points? Somehow, liv­ing in the era of digital explo­sion and mov­ing image, I really missed more inter­act­ive works and art­works. It is fun to see 10 or 20 purely visual static illus­tra­tions, books, posters and vari­ous tech­niques, but after two hours my eyes just began to burn and I really wanted to play, touch, inter­act and exper­i­ment. I would really advice artists and gradu­ates to think about imple­ment­ing and using their skills in richer media formats. Audiences are get­ting bored very rap­idly nowaday so in order to get atten­tion you either have to be really out­stand­ing and eye-​catching or use some gami­fic­a­tion and inter­ac­tion in your pieces. Especially when the venue is so packed with dif­fer­ent artworks.

However, there were few inter­act­ive pieces and install­a­tions, par­tic­u­larly nicely built one com­bined music, move­ment, col­our and artist him­self VJ-​ing live. One guy also organ­ised a work­shop about selling your­self using social media and net­work­ing, but as we found out not so many stu­dents worry about it, or at least not yet!

Enjoy the visu­als and if you vis­ited the show your­self, I will be glad to hear your opinions!

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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