Superbrothers – a retro pixel nirvana

I simply can­not dis­agree with the opin­ion of the major­ity, who have already encountered with Superbrothers’ cre­ation, that it’s prob­ably the most amaz­ingly done pixel – art pieces. The per­son, who is hid­ing behind this alias – not lack­ing in a sense of humor Craig D. Adams, man­aged to liven up such min­im­al­istic graphic expres­sion. Let the nos­tal­gia of the 80’s visit you today.

Yes, I am imme­di­ately going towards the heavy artil­lery, in my opin­ion, the whole stronger side of the Superbrothers is the taste­ful anim­a­tion with not less taste­ful and fit­ting to such style music. This anim­ated car­toon sort of brings us back to com­puter era that’s really not that long ago just star­ted. Besides all of that, the witty, as it would seem of such not express­ive forms, character’s moves are a delight.

Really, Craig D. Adams is not alone in this whole mat­ter, through the whole period of his cre­ation he’s been helped by a not short list of people, about whom you can take more interest in the per­sonal Superbrothers’ web­site.

This graphic expres­sion is one of the old­est means of pre­sent­ment, which at least reaches back to the IV century’s Macedonia. Later, the biggest pop­ular­ity was achieved in Christian mosa­ics. In our case, Superbrothers ori­ent them­selves to a par­tic­u­lar reli­gion of these days – tech­no­logy but who would have thought that this game of tech­no­logy fans will become so pop­u­lar in the fields of advert­ising and fash­ion. So, Craig D. Adams’ cre­ations were noticed by almost all of the right – on pulse pur­su­ing brands: The New York Times, WIRED Magazine, SEED Magazine, Enroute Magazine, D &G etc.

You are left in this garden and you are pre­cisely ordered not to eat apples… but after you’ve done everything, what else is there left to do? — Superbrothers

Aleksandr Pasevin
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Aleksandr Pasevin
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