Die Antwoord in London and artistic spirit of their work

Text and visu­als by Gintare Zitkeviciute

I just remembered this dif­fi­cult and even stu­pid ques­tion - what kind of music do you like? What is your favour­ite genre? All the time I hear this ques­tion I just feel like I stuck. How do you explain some­body in one sen­tence how music has changed? And even more how do you explain the age we live in? There are no genres. There are no rules and there are no defin­i­tions any­more. If you are still not sure, you either are stuck in the past and only listen to the music of your par­ents, or you just do not explore todays music. And by todays I mean hav­ing the spirit of this gen­er­a­tion and this age — we call it post­mod­ern­ism, alter­mod­ern­ism, remix cul­ture — who cares how it is called in the end? You can com­pare die Antwoord with hip­pies in their golden age, punk scene when it was still alive and hon­est, grunge when it was hot etc. etc. — the most import­ant thing here is that it is the music of today, you like it or not.

This evening’s gig at HMV forum in London left me speech­less. First of all I was amazed by this diverse and amaz­ing crowd of die Antwoord fans. Mix of cul­tures, sub­cul­tures, col­ours, motives, sym­bols, total amaz­ing­ness and visual mad­ness. I was spy­ing on die Antwoord from the very begin­ning, when they just released their first crazy video and launched the web­site. Band itself always plays on the edge of pop cul­ture, irony, rebel and mys­ter­i­ous ZEF style, which makes you ask, laugh and won­der — are these guys play­ing a role? Can I spot some fake? I myself had never got a cour­age to write about them or make any con­clu­sions about their cre­ation. It is just too subtle, too hid­den, still too fresh and even dan­ger­ous. You kinda think they are going to make the wrong move, become one more doll of these rich pro­du­cers which make bands “BIG” or in other words “SHIT”.

However, it did not hap­pen to die Antwoord yet! It is a per­fect time to enjoy their enthu­si­asm and hun­ger for audi­ence. You can feel that they love what they do and they do it with the biggest pas­sion. Honestly, I haven’t seen such a crazy and wild gig for a while. The stage and space was shak­ing, secur­ity just gave up, people were get­ting naked and doing all they desire!

But any­way, those are not the reas­ons why I fell for die Antwoord in the begin­ning and why I still carry on check­ing out everything new they cre­ate today. The most import­ant things I respect in their work are visual lan­guage, irony, intel­li­gence, rep­res­ent­a­tion of South Africa, innov­at­ive approach and just really artistic spirit. For example look­ing at their visu­als, you will notice that it is per­fect and very high qual­ity not only in their online pro­duc­tion, but also while play­ing the gigs. Todays gig proved it again — every detail, from clothes, to light, stage dec­or­a­tion, move­ments — everything is set up so it would give you visual orgasm. And by irony I mean their over­all style of com­mu­nic­a­tion and atmo­sphere. There are a lot of things I could dis­cuss, but their work speaks for itself.

Well, I just want to wish die Antwoord to stay in the same spirit, not to sell their asses out and cre­ate even more amaz­ing work! To me they are more than just a band, I value them as artists, hope­fully they will not loose this cha­risma they brought to the town!

If you never heard about die Antwoord before, check out their web­site and videos!

Moments before the gig

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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  • holly
    July 7, 2012
    7:33 pm

    does any­one know the other pho­to­graph­ers name ? the one fea­tured in the first pic­ture? thanks x

    • Aleksandr Pasevin
      Aleksandr Pasevin
      July 8, 2012
      7:28 pm

      Hey, I am not sure about his name but he is def­in­itely one of ZEF team, maybe he is even tour­ing together with them? If you find out, let me know as well, thanks :)