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Today’s morn­ing I happened to be at Hackney House or as other guests repor­ted on Twitter feed ‘tent with gravel’. The Technology Strategy Board wel­comed us with hot cof­fee. Shortly, Simon Hopkins announced that today we will kick off with applic­a­tions for fund­ing com­pet­i­tion of Convergence in a Digital Landscape. The Technology Strategy Board is to invest £1.8m in feas­ib­il­ity pro­jects. All micro busi­nesses involved with cre­at­ive indus­tries are wel­come to apply, but be aware, speak­ers emphas­ized sev­eral times “We are fund­ing tech here”. Some star­ted silently giggle at sup­posedly tiny budget. The other ones right away raised the ques­tion if vol­un­tary work can be con­sidered as the remain­ing 25% of pro­ject fund (TSB funds 75%). In this post you will find a short over­view of the dis­cus­sions as well as require­ments for applicants.

Panel dis­cus­sion “TV is Now the Second Screen”
Frank Boyd, Director, Creative Industries KTN

The start of the day was full of con­fu­sion in the air. Attendees were keen to cla­rify what is the invest­ment for. Is it focused on par­tic­u­lar media plat­forms? What is meant by cross-​platform pro­jects? What the invest­ment aims to pro­mote? Does it require the final product or just a pro­to­type? Where should be the focus of applic­ants? And so forth.

Matthew Brown from Technology Strategy Board was not into clear answers for sure. He emphas­ized that the aim of invest­ment is to build UK cre­at­ive eco­nomy and see what future busi­ness mod­els could look like. TSB is look­ing for pro­jects which have poten­tial to be com­mer­cial­ised, spot the money and cre­ate con­tent for multi-​platforms. And this is it, really. To sum­mar­ise — “Just show us what you have and we will think if you worth our money”.

The second ses­sion fea­tured Nikhil Shah and Grant Goddard. Both already have exper­i­ence with applic­a­tions and have been fun­ded by TSB. They shared their exper­i­ence work­ing in music industry and gave some advice from applic­ants’ point of view. These are the ones I wrote down:

  • The paper­work for TSB is extremely com­plic­ated, so do estim­ate and include hours for pro­ject man­age­ment in your application
  • TSB like big ideas, while apply­ing be ambi­tious and don’t be afraid to say that you are going to change the world
  • TSB funds super risky pro­jects, they are aware of your chances to fail
  • Apply for fund­ing only if the idea is a core to your busi­ness, don’t apply just for get­ting money as you will get eas­ily dis­trac­ted from your busi­ness aims
  • Don’t take too many part­ners, 2–3 part­ners are fair enough
  • The calls of TSB are mis­lead­ing, so do not hes­it­ate to con­tact them sev­eral times and cla­rify if you under­stood everything correctly
  • Be patient and learn from mistakes

Finally, we had a panel dis­cus­sion about TV, broad­cast media and inter­act­ive media. There was a clear divide between speak­ers. Some emphas­ised young gen­er­a­tion and emer­ging trends of inter­act­ive media. In their opin­ion TV became only the second screen. Other group claimed that tra­di­tional media is not going away. Its’ strong busi­ness model is far affront of new media.

I enjoyed the opin­ion of Paul BennunCCO of Somethin’ Else. He high­lighted the dif­fer­ences of product cycle betwen broad­cast world and inter­act­ive media.

Mike Dicks, Senior Policy Executive, Pact

Well, of course the biggest busi­ness is where the masses hang out. However, not being the biggest TV fan myself, I am pasion­ate about niche con­tent, innov­at­ive approach, gami­fic­a­tion, inter­act­ive nar­rat­ive and other mind blow­ing fea­tures which mostly appear in new media and digital. I am not sure what will hap­pen to cross media plat­forms, but the future seems appeal­ing and prom­ising. Hopefully we will get some fresh ideas out of this investment!

If you are inter­ested in apply­ing for fund­ing, please find more inform­a­tion here. The max­imum budget for one pro­ject should not exceed £ 75.000 and the dead­line for regis­tra­tion is 15 of August, 2012. Good Luck!

Traditional media VS Cross-​media platforms

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