LEVEL B: Art Pit events in Eastern Europe

Translation by Ieva Krivickaitė

Merely sev­eral days have passed since the first Level B event, where shit­core mixed with eleg­ant elec­tron­ics, and where one could gaze at the eyes of a con­tro­versy wet with milk, along­side a deep-​thought oper­etta of the absurd. Today, we hasten to invite you to the second event that will seek to con­cen­trate rather than to shock. Level B is an event designed for audi­ovisu­al­iz­a­tions, elec­tronic music and listen­ing; on 5 July, we will listen to qual­ity elec­tron­ics from Lithuanian young gen­er­a­tion artists Lava Larva, 96wrld, and Buvette from Switzerland, com­ple­men­ted by video map­ping install­a­tion by Laimonas Zakas (Glitchr), Thomas Koenig, VJ Fou and pop-​up silk-​screen prints exhib­i­tion of Creativity Kiosk artists.

Buvette — Directions

BUVETTE (SWITZERLAND) – experimental/​synth pop/​electronics

Newest album:

The Swiss Buvette cooks his music in a jungle of sounds, adding indie D.Y.I. and orgas­mic forms of elec­tronic music to the kettle. His music is an epos that frees body, mind and soul. Every song is sens­it­ive like a lul­laby, con­struct­ive like a hymn, lead­ing to trance. The last time that he was seen around was the last year’s Zemlika fest­ival in Latvia; VJ Thomas Koenig will be join­ing Buvette for his first visit to Lithuania.

Buvette — Inner Wars

LAVA LARVA (Vilnius) — no wave elektron­ics

A solo pro­ject by Gediminas from Flesh Flash, first seen in Speigas elec­tronic music fest­ival. Euphoric beats vs des­per­ate erotic deli­rium. Lo-​fi rhythmic, massive synths, no-​wave gui­tars and decon­struc­ted voices.

Laimonas Zakas & 96WRLD — Voxels

LAIMONAS ZAKAS & 96WRLD (Vilnius) — audiovisual/​idm/​beats

Laimonas Zakas is the author of Glitchr, a phe­nomenon fam­ous on Facebook, appre­ci­ated around the globe for his untra­di­tional use of Unicode break­ing vari­ous inter­net sites and cre­at­ing glitches, mini sys­tem errors, that can be seen both as works of art and as inter­net van­dal­ism. In Level B, Zakas will be engaged in video map­ping – a form of video install­a­tion made fam­ous by Amon Tobin where video is pro­jec­ted on an uneven sur­face, cre­at­ing a 3D exper­i­ence. The visu­al­iz­a­tion will col­lab­or­ate with the excep­tional rhythms of Miša Skalskis aka 96wrld that in their excess­ive lay­ers com­bine hiphop, idm, psy­che­delic, 8bit and other kinds of sonic pleasures.

Evening ends with DJ OUTSIDER (Vilnius) & VJ FOU (idm/​trip hop)

Event in Facebook here.


Level B is a series of sum­mer events by ArtPit and Agharta; it’s going to take place in the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius cel­lar. On 22 June, 5 July and 14 August, we will present you three events fol­low­ing base­ment, b-​move and under­ground art con­cep­tions; audio-​visual psy­che­delia, per­form­ance art and other curi­os­it­ies will stream freely.

Tickets avail­able by email­ing meno.​duobe@​gmail.​com (please write „Level B“ as subject)

Partners: Pro Helvetia ir ŠMC

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