Mel Kadel from a tree house

What you see from a tree”

This week has been immensely suc­cess­ful to me, as I came across some really fine artists, among who there are some of my favour­ite kind — illus­trat­ors. Today I present works of a girl from Los Angeles for you to gaze upon, which have fas­cin­ated me straight­away. I hope you will like them,too.

While sav­ing yourself”

This girl of Pennsylvanian decent used to live in her own world, didn’t like school and used to skip classes very often. For some time M. Kadel wandered among vari­ous art schools, after study­ing for a semester she usu­ally fear­lessly give up stud­ies. Finally settled down at Moore College of Art.

At the moment 33 year old illus­trator is liv­ing in a very odd, but rich in his­tory place, called Echo Park. Before the First World War, all the film industry of the USA was loc­ated there — that means until it had moved to Hollywood. During the 60s and 70s, Echo Park gained a repu­ta­tion as a bohemian haven, attract­ing a myriad of young musi­cians and artists, includ­ing J.D Souther and Glenn Frey from Eagles, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, also Frank Zappa. Even Charles Bukowski would visit Echo Park.

So M. Kadel together with her boy­friend, who is also a great artist, has settled down in dwell­ing, resem­bling a tree house. That is where she is suc­cess­fully gen­er­at­ing remark­able works.

A little time alone”

Almost all the author‘s works are drawn on “filthy“ paper, which means that it is either yel­low due to its age or delib­er­ately dec­or­ated with cof­fee or stains from a cup. Since there is not so much of old paper, espe­cially in large format, M.Kadel glues vari­ous shreds together into a kind of can­vas, which provides the works with rough warmth.

M.Kadel does not claim to be a great artist, her works will prob­ably never hang in, let‘s say, MoMa halls (although who knows?), but after hav­ing star­ted shar­ing the works in cafes, now the illus­trator exhib­its them in more than one gal­lery, among which Richard Heller Gallery can be mentioned.

Desperate future” (made together with Brian Canning)

The author admits that the idea comes first, and then she tries to come up with its illus­tra­tion. It‘s inter­est­ing, how oppos­ing some­times are the thoughts of equally tal­en­ted illus­trat­ors. For some the idea is born first, oth­ers begin with abstract draw­ings on paper, which later lead to an idea.

Anyhow, it is always pleas­ant get an eye­ful of good res­ults. Let‘s hope that Mel Kadel will never exper­i­ence a short­age of yel­low paper.

Un — scared”
He loved to wove”
Rolling with the punches”
Rise above”
Shopping cart, loaded”
911 girls that break my heart” (with Brian Canning)
1,000 birds fly­ing” (with Brian Canning)
Grand ole fort”

Mel Kadel webpage.

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