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What is your philo­sophy in life?”


What is the defin­i­tion of beauty?”

Beauty is any­thing that appeared to be beau­ti­ful for some­body,” (extract from an inter­view with Rei Kawakubo)

At this point I am going to touch on a little bit of fash­ion design and present a world fam­ous brand Comme des Garçons which is known from 1973. The reason why Rei Kawakubo amazes every­one is that she didn’t set a limit to design clothes and accessor­ies only – she’s fam­ous for her graphic design, advert­ise­ments and shop interi­ors. Rei Kawakubo claims that all of this is essen­tial and con­cur­rent with her gen­eral vis­ion of design.

Collection called Comme des Garçons was showed in 1973 (French phrase comme des gar­cons lit­er­ally means “like boys” – as the author says, she picked the best sound­ing name) and shocked not only Japan but also all the rest of the world. This col­lec­tion and move­ment was some­thing com­pletely fresh in a world of fash­ion. Anti-​fashion ideas, shock­ing pale col­ours, pre­dom­in­ance of black and its shades, asym­met­rical style and destruct­ive mod­els, not emphas­iz­ing a female’s form but dis­tort­ing it, caused global con­cern. In the year of 1981, in Paris, an exhib­i­tion to the Western World was intro­duced: black was high­lighted as the only col­our worth pay­ing atten­tion at and soon got the sig­na­ture of Japanese van­guard. Collection caused a lot of cri­ti­cism and became the main­stream topic in conversations.

Rei Kawakubo gradu­ated in arts and lit­er­at­ure at Tokyo University — she didn’t used to study fash­ion. Later on she worked at textile’s com­pany and was respons­ible for advert­ise­ment. Because of the lack of fab­rics and clothes fit­ting her taste she star­ted design­ing them on her own. Finally, she star­ted work­ing as a styl­ist and estab­lished her own enterprise.

Avant-​garde artist from Japan still leaves an impres­sion. Each Comme des Garçons shop is dis­tin­guished for its unique design. Main branches are loc­ated in Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, New York and London. The pic­ture below shows a frag­ment of a shop in Tokyo which is made from glass dec­or­ated with blue circles. This design provides space with unique atmo­sphere; London has red interior accents emphasized.

Shops opened only for a short time in vari­ous coun­tries and in unknown regions is another excit­ing pro­ject. Shabby build­ings situ­ated in unap­peal­ing parts are picked and ingeni­ous interi­ors requir­ing as little resources as pos­sible are cre­ated there. In most cases these shops are not pro­moted. This concept inspired other sym­path­etic design­ers to set up places oppos­ing pop­ular­ity, opu­lence and glit­ter­ing world of fashion.

Comme des Garçons presents col­lec­tions in non­stand­ard and simply mind-​blowing ways – the­at­rical cos­tumes, mis­match­ing col­ours, stony-​faced mod­els remind­ing mimes and frag­ments of 1970’s music cre­ate show which is par­tic­u­larly alike to sur­real­istic performances.

Gintarė Žitkevičiūtė
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