Picture Tells… web app made by Art Pit

‘Picture Tells…’ is an exper­i­mental web app which in near future will help you dis­cover new excit­ing things through art. At this point we have some inter­est­ing stor­ies to tell about each image you choose and some insights for you to share with your friends. What we ask of you is just to look at your friends and interests and asso­ci­ate them with the image you sub­con­sciously felt related to.

Working in arts and espe­cially visual arts we star­ted to believe that pic­tures not only tell a thou­sand words, but reveal con­nec­tions amongst human beings on deeper emo­tional level. At ArtPit (www​.art​pit​.org) we learned that cer­tain people drawn to the same visual inform­a­tion have a lot in com­mon. No sur­prises here you think, but what will hap­pen if we try this on a big­ger scale. Thats why we built this app. It will expand and we will notify you as soon as we reach second stage. We are pub­lic organ­isa­tion and we prom­ise that we will not mis­use inform­a­tion you share with us. Thank you!

P.S. Special thanks goes to Deimante Tamutyte and Kristina Alijosiute for help­ing with visual stories.

Aleksandr Pasevin
About author:
Aleksandr Pasevin
Aleksandr Pasevin is Art Pit’s strategist and designer, responsible for organization’s creative solutions. Aleksandr is also actively interested in new technologies, their connection with creativity and usage in cultural organizations. Aleksandr dislikes long discussions and considerations, and he mostly expresses his opinion quickly about whet... Read further >
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