WANDERLUST showcase by Jane Ward and Reginald S. Aloysius

Written by Barbara Mal

Fresh from the suc­cess of their work in Brave New World at London Art Fair 2012, artists Jane Ward and Reginald S. Aloysius have joined forces for the sake of cre­at­ing a won­der­ful show­case (called Wanderlust) at Bearspace to a swarm of avid spectators.

Capturing, thought-​provoking objects d’art of both Jane Ward and Reginald S. Aloysius made me real­ize the hid­den mean­ing behind the exhibition’s title, which actu­ally is a strong desire for voy­age. Indeed, I felt like I was wan­der­ing, with a desire to find out more about arti­facts stored in that con­fined space… Scattered bits and pieces, abstract lines and blurred images through which one could have pos­sibly dis­covered sil­hou­ettes and pat­terns enchanted mind into the state of trance.

How to say it… They brought home more than a bacon, I guess. For me, it was not as simple as four walls fully dec­or­ated with paint­ings. But then again, the ques­tion is, if that was a stroke of luck or fruit that my vast ima­gin­a­tion bore? Or was it inten­tional aim of the artists, to make me feel like I did? Perhaps, I was the only one that was try­ing to dig into the past memor­ies of jour­neys I had and glue frag­ments, that in real­ity would never stick together any­more? With mul­ti­far­i­ous doubts and planted scep­ti­cism seed I yet car­ried on roam­ing in that pocket-​size room, start­ing from the first paint­ing to the final fig­ure count­less times. With the rising num­ber of ques­tions, of course.

Pieces instig­ated thoughts related to trav­el­ling and scattered worlds that were cre­ated by artists rep­res­en­ted the capa­city of memory and recol­lec­tion, which later on I con­firmed with the artists them­selves. The simple beauty of imper­fec­tion in reten­tion of a human and its tend­ency to frac­ture. It made me think about how much I remem­ber from the trips I took? Bits and pieces of a world that looks more ima­gin­at­ive than real now (was sort of conclusion).

Was I even there?

While I was busy get­ting lost in the train of thoughts the ticket con­ductor in me politely asked to leave, since I’ve noticed some ques­tion­able details in one of the works of R. Aloysius. The pat­terns reminded me rather of an emin­ent build­ing. It was subtly hid­den though (not try­ing to say that I’m subtle, but I did spent quite a lot of time there). As later on I con­firmed, indeed it was. The author is from Sri Lanka, same as for the build­ing. Which actu­ally sym­bol­izes tra­di­tions of his nation.

R. Aloysius works are made on MDF (medium-​density fibre­board). The artist shared that he used nearly 20 coats of white paint and that the graph­ite to shade was util­ized. His engraved strokes, painted with col­our, were inspired by tra­di­tional Indian saris and it appears that fun­da­ment­ally Aloysius’ work explores themes of lost tra­di­tional val­ues in mul­tina­tional communities.

J. Ward art pieces are based on hier­archy of the memor­ies. Some parts of her work are indis­tinct, scattered, unlike oth­ers, which point out that the memor­ies are fad­ing or viceversa. Her dream­like pieces are made by the tech­nique of lay­er­ing digital print, then care­fully remov­ing the sur­face ink. The artist noted that she is inspired by nat­ural calam­it­ies, such as cun­am­ies and tornadoes.

Overall, the pieces of art of both artists’ trans­ferred me (hope­fully oth­ers as well) into the world of wander and explor­a­tion. One can clearly see what sort of mes­sage authors wanted to send to the audi­ence, but at the same time place for inter­pret­a­tion was left.

Since the exhib­i­tion left a huge impres­sion on me, I decided to fol­low both artists and track their new­est works, and per­haps changes in the tech­nical side of their prac­tice. Exhibition happened in March, so quite some time has passed, how­ever artists who both live in London appar­ently were harder to track than I’ve ima­gined. There are no traces left, per­haps they are trav­el­ling for inspir­a­tion? Well, I guess this story ends in an inter­est­ing man­ner. They wander. And me? I’m left to lust for more of their work.

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